I'm 29

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fucksnow on your birthday is bullshit


  • Garcia_VegaGarcia_Vega 2,428 Posts
    happy birthday anyways!

  • Don't worry, Will; this lame period known as "your 20s" will pass soon enough and you'll be enjoying the glorious era of "your 30s" (and you'll be one step closer to merging with your inner grumpy old man).

    Happy Birthday, Co-Aries.

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts
    Happy birthday, dude!

    Treat yourself to a quiet evening in the company of a younger friend with hair gel and a visor and a bit of this:

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    [color:red]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/b] [/color]

  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    Happy Birthday W*ll

    (I can't believe I'm heading back home to SNOW this weekend)

  • the3rdstreamthe3rdstream 1,980 Posts
    thanks to all the strutters sending positive vibes to the the strutter who adds nothing positive to the board

    *drew i think its really only snowing up here in the northern sticks region, you may only have to deal with rain

    from the 29 year old grumpy old man

    have a good weekend!

  • Happy Birthday stream!

    When you're 30, you will automatically start 'adding something positive to the board dude' but until then, enjoy the notoriety!

  • BreakSelfBreakSelf 2,925 Posts
    Happy born day, uber-librarian. Maybe if you ask nicely, mylarceny will ban Rey from the board for a day...not likely though. get drunk at work or something.

  • the3rdstreamthe3rdstream 1,980 Posts
    get drunk high at work or something.


  • get drunk high at work or something.


    republican librarians are typically known more for their PCP abuse than weed habits.

    Happy birthday *i**

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    jappy burfday dudeeeee!!

  • davesrecordsdavesrecords 1,802 Posts
    happy birthday will

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