Has christian music always been this popular?



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    Holy shit that is awesome!

  • Holy shit that is awesome!

    Greatest interview question ever:

    "Do you think your Lord likes to hear himself praised in trashy music that's traditionally been about hot dogs and blowjobs?"[/b]

    I'm hoping that this is all some kind of elaborate put-on (but I don't think so...)

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    I remember a few months back, getting into it a bit
    with somebody on here (can't remember who) that said
    something along the lines of "Roy Ayers' He's Coming
    is such a dope album, but it would be so much better if
    all the lyrics weren't about Jesus..."
    I just found this to be completely asinine - I'm not
    saying you have to be Christian to enjoy music
    of faith and inspiration, but to dismiss that aspect in
    appreciating the work is an insult to the artist and
    what they were saying, feeling and communicating with their art.

    I think Grope said he liked instrumental music and appreciated the fact he can only partly understand English lyrics. As an example he offered that Roy Ayers record you mention because apparently Jesus is something of a red flag for Grope. This would maybe be an insult to the artist if he would tell the artist in the face, but I fail to see how it's considered an insult if you like this of a certain record and you like that less. The artist may try to convey something through the music but he can't control how it's perceived. I understand when you say you have to aknowledge the fact that something is born out of inspiration but I don't think you have to like every aspect of a piece of art, although for the artist that aspect might be the very point he's comming from. Like Mike Oldfield doing an inspirational Tubular Bells but for the rest of us it's about vomiting little satanic girls.

    Oh, wow! I'm causing trouble again. For nothing. I don't think that we got into "a bit".
    Thanks for saying that generique. It's basicall what you said.
    I prefer instrumental music. I don't like singing that much. I like instruments.

    Back then, I was trying to say sth like: I appreciate that record. I love it. I'm trying to find out what Roy was trying to communicate. (I mean I don't listen to Christian records thinking: regardless how good the artistic concept is, Jesus music is crap! - what do you think of me?!) I listened to that record many times. It's one of my favorites. I don't hate. But I was also saying that generally, I can't cope with an overload of religous messages.
    I know the difference between subjective and objective. My opinion = very subjective and quite meaningless regarding Roy's artistic concept of "He's Coming" + very meaningless and unimportant to others. Although subjective, I don't like too many Christian messages on a record, I still know to appriciate the art. Whatever, I can't really explain this in English. >>> what generique said, basically...

    I wasn't trying to dissrespect Roy's LP. I'm not "completely asinine"! JESUS! (oooops!)

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