Is This Private Press Genius or Out To Lunch? (RR)

The_NonThe_Non 5,690 Posts
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Hey,I found this private press type record today. No cover. Group is called Spontaneous Overthrow, title is "All About Money." The label is "New-Ark." I believe it was released in 84, because that's a date I see in the runoff, but not sure. Dudes writing and producing it are named Nathaniel Woolridge and Anthony Freeman. Is this genius music or Wesley Willis Moder? You decide:


  • meatyogremeatyogre 2,080 Posts
    I beleive Dante put this in Wax Poetics a while back.

  • mylatencymylatency 10,475 Posts
    is the recording peaking or just your recording of the recording?

    so lo fi, it's kind of nice

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,690 Posts
    bad recording+lo fi record recording, no distortion or anything like that though.

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    WTF? Were you needledropping?

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,690 Posts

  • Oh, shit.. this is some shit for this hour (2 AM over here)
    Some sick background effects. Sounds like The Warriors are
    about to beat up the furies and some guy with a dope voice
    comes in and raps and sings so sweet..
    Like it alot!

    What issue of waxpoetics are you guys talking about? I haven't got
    the last three issues!

  • MikeZeroMikeZero 215 Posts
    Love the cheese casio keyboard and spacey effects. I believe this is what they call "outsider music"... Kinda reminds me of the KINFUNK 12" on Macola (anybody heard that one?).

  • DCarfagnaDCarfagna 983 Posts
    The Spontaneous Overthrow is one of my favorite albums of all-time.

    Out to lunch AND genius.

  • canonicalcanonical 2,100 Posts
    Holy shit that is nice!

    Dare I ask how "raer" this is?

  • meatyogremeatyogre 2,080 Posts

    Dare I ask how "raer" this is?

  • b7pb7p 2 Posts
    Do you still have your copy?
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