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the3rdstreamthe3rdstream 1,980 Posts
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just got an email with an unpaid dispute, of course it asks you to log on i know most of us are smart enough not to do it, but they are making these look better every time


  • ariel_calmerariel_calmer 3,762 Posts
    Is this the same one about the 87 year old woman who bid on a wheelchair?

  • motown67motown67 4,513 Posts
    I actually got my account hacked into about a month or two ago. Someone listed a whole bunch of big ticket items like a harley for sale. EBay cracked down on it pretty fast but my account got shut down for 2 days until everything got sorted out.

    I've even got paypal scam e-mails lately.

  • lambertlambert 1,166 Posts
    Watch it. The one time I got hacked they started selling gift certificates, and changed my address to make payments too (which I didn't notice for quite awhile, and retained on paper until I figure out what to do with it).

    Luckily I emailed the buyer within hours of the transaction and told him not to send payment, explaining the invalidity of the auction.

  • Man, responding to an unpaid item reminder is a right pain in the rectum so I never bovver.

    Just ask Nige Breaks4dayz

  • akoako 3,409 Posts
    its funny how often i get Paypal scam emails, mostly because i dont even have a Paypal account.
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