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Just stumbled upon a free trial offer for usenet service. This includes access to all UseNetServer features including the new beta Global Search.Username: unstrial Password: unstrial Server Address: Access is available from now until 5pm EST February 16th. Just go to the URL, type in what you want to find, check mark it to add to NZB. When ready, "Download NZB" then launch the NZB file to download.* Mac users will want to use Unison (or something similar).* PC users, take care of your own...


  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,893 Posts
    Nice.. I've been wanting to try out a pay newsgroup.

    I think my ISP just dumped the free Usenet access it gave.

    What program do PC users use? newsbin? or something better?

  • I use xnews for my one I've used. I don't pay for it anymore, but the retention is pretty good anyhow.

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,893 Posts
    Ahh yeah, I used xnews awhile back. I'll give it a try again. Thx

  • BaptBapt 2,503 Posts

    That's cool. Thanks, but I don't understand how it works...
    Can someone -PLEASE- download a LIVE version for Mac OS X (10.4.4) for me?

  • Thank you.
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