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edited February 2006 in Strut Central Artists - Big Apple Rappin' (Soul Jazz Records)Track Listing For Big Apple Rappin' Disc 1:1. Spoonie Gee - "Spoonin' Rap"2. Xanadu - "Sure Shot"3. Brother D And The Collective Effort - "How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise"4. General Echo - "Rapping Dub Style"5. T Ski Valley - "Catch The Beat"6. Universal 2 - "Dancing Heart"7. Masterdon Committee - "Funkbox Party"8. Cold Crush Brothers - "Weekend"Track Listing For Big Apple Rappin' Disc 2:1. Spyder D - "Big Apple Rappin'"2. Mr Q - "DJ Style"3. The Fly Guys - "Fly Guys Rap"4. Solo Sound - "Get The Party Jumpin'"5. The Jamaica Girls - "Rock The Beat"6. Super 3 - "Standing On The Top"7. TJ Swann, Peewee Mel And Barry B - "Are You Ready"8. Nice And Nasty 3 - "The Ultimate Rap"


  • 6. Super 3 - "Standing On The Top"

    definitely in my top 5 80's disco/rap tunes.
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