BIG MOE Live at R.C.'s Place (Non Hip-Hop Related)

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Ya'll fools heard this yet? Another genius comp. exicuted by the JONES label. All Memphis ballers on this joint...raers and overlooked stuff just out of the dollar bin. From HI to Stax to shit you just ain't gonna find in your neck of the woods. In all my years of Memphis collecting...I was kicked down to lil' dude statis after playing this. Hearing it made me regret getting rid of my Memphians 45! Check it out if you haven't...this could be another disc like Chains and Black Exhaust that you wish you had gotten when they were in print.

A lil' review...

From the Jones label, who brought you the head crushing classic Chains & Black Exhaust album, comes this rare mix by old school Memphis deejay BIG MOE. Big Moe was a former radio DJ for WJNS in Memphis and was known for playing the best in Memphis soul. Vaulted in somebody's house in South Memphis for over 30 years, this live concert tape was discovered in 2003. The concert featured JOE PERKINS & THE MEMPHIANS with Big Moe as the DJ, delivering a set of rare unknown and known Memphis soul and funk recordings-a great piece of history. Limited edition of 1,000 copies
I didn't see them on Turntable Lab's sight but I'm sure they have them.


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    they need to battle

  • ShingalingShingaling 877 Posts
    I guess knowbody knows yet. DON'T SLEEP!!!

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    its good y'all...oh well, there will be a post on here in about 2 months trying to piece together the tracklist.

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    yep, it's a good one... got mine earlier this week...

  • Listening to this now, it's great so far

  • Yeah, I got a copy back then. Definitely cool stuff. Should be with my CDs in those boxes buried in the closet.
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