Pomelo Apprieciation

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HelloI have recently discovered the joys of the pomelo! I can't get enough of this shit! I've seen them gift wrapped @ the fruit market. Do people give them as presents?peaceh


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    Hmm, Pomelo looks nice... what's that she's holding?

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    Japanese call it Jabon. I have a tree in my backyard. I ate some with this girl I was feeling and she turned out to be a total bitch so trust that.

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    yes, especially for chinese new years... i think however, giving durian fruit might be a slap in the face. do not fuck with godzilla testicle fruit.

    btw, pumelo tang is the shit. mad tasty. look for it in phillipino grocery stores.

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    sweeter version of a grapefruit
    but basically a huge grapefruit

    paging Faux:

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