Whats good in NYC tonight(Sat) and tomorrow?

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Whats up chyall.Comin into the city for tonight and tomorrow night. Who's got the motts?


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    Word. thanks for the info Ayres.

    Any word on whats good on Sunday nights too? I heard there's some sick reggae party every Sunday night somewhere....


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    FIST TO FIST Reggae Showdown with Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty and Selector JD every Sunday at Pianos (corner Ludlow & Stanton)

  • if for whatever reason you can't get into the Rub, I'll be down the street a couple blocks...

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    haha, that flyer is awesome man!!

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    My badass birthday party featuring Delay is at Triple Crown, see the "30....I'm next" thread in the announcements section. Open bar on some type of vodka and I think Red Stripe from 7-9.
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