R.I.P Bass Wolf.

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I just saw them about three weeks ago. shit is real sad bass wolf of guitar wolf, dead at 38


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    wow! everyone is dying!

    Guitar Wolf is awesome!

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    This sucks. These guys stayed with me back in 97 when I lived in Vegas...their manager, Steve Baise(late of the Devil Dogs) was a friend of mine, so when I ran into him at the show, he asked if I had space for them at my place. How could I turn away the best rock and roll band going? The guys and I hit it off over a shared love of Rock 'n Roll High School and Joan Jett and despite limited language between us, had a great time. Billy(Bass Wolf) spoke the most english, and had the best sense of humor. I just remembered the tatoo he had on the inside of his wrist. It was a Crumb-like tatoo of a smiling turd, with the words "Have a Shitty Day!" in cartoony exclamation arching over the turd.

    I'll try to find some of the pics from the morning they left Vegas(we hit Sam's Town buffet and they were all bummed that they did not have time to ride any roller coasters in Vegas-so I tipped them about the big one just before they reach Cali-nice wooden one)...probably the single best weekend in the time I was there.

    Go find their Zombie-Sci-Fi B Movie flick "Wild Zero" and channel the great energy that Billy in particular exudes. These guys put forth a cartoon image, but they are real, down-to-earth ULTRA rock and roll fans. They lived and breathed it, again, Billy in particular. This is a damn shame...my condolences to his friends, family and especially Toru and Seiji,Billy's Guitar Wolf brothers.

    God Bless, see ya backstage at the big rock and roll show on the other side, Billy!

  • Rest In Peace.

    I met those guys briefly in about '93. They'd played Garage Shock with a friend of mine in Austin and exchanged numbers. My friend called me a few months later and said, "Hey, tell everyone you know to go check out Guitar Wolf tonight! I got them a last-minute gig."

    Apparently, they had purchased some crazy pass that allowed them to fly anywhere within the States for 30 days and they were calling every contact they had. They played an unbelievably killer show at Emo's that night and taught us important Japanese phrases like "blow job." My homie took them to a convenience store and they flipped out on the corn chip selection. Then they told us countless wild stories, made us laugh our asses off, and made friends all around.

    RIP, Bass Wolf.

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    Then they told us countless wild stories, made us laugh our asses off, and made friends all around.

    RIP, Bass Wolf.

    Damn, glad to know that folks here even knew about Guitar Wolf, let alone had the pleasure of their company! They never got taken seriously, they never had the tag of being an "important" band, but are the perfect example of people not realizing what they had til it's gone. They had such a great spirit, and knew what really mattered when playing live...I am really bummed.
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