start of a good weekend>?

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so it's friday, was busy makin rill world moves & missed my normal friday "hook" i'm out front havin a cig & notice dude on the other side of the street hiding in his bushes, he emerges wearing a hat similiar to indiana jones & dark shades, holdin a bottle of jack in one hand & metal cup in the other...dude is shiit i amused myself for about 20-30mins watching him talk to himself & people that i think only he could see, when he decides to walk over & talk to me...turns out e' sthe biggest dead fan known to man, & is the security of the world... he knows all, & he whispered 1/2 the convo cuz "the man" was listening to us on high powered recievers... i was tryin not laugh, when out of nowhere he pulls out a fatty & i mean a fatty, claiming it's mendo, which is my fav... so i took some pulls got lit w/ him & heard about his private dead concerts & only his private beer booth, & jerry is not dead in case any of you were wondering, he actually live w/ this dude, but wont leave the house...well dude dropped over 1/2 the J, & i watched it burnout, waited for his next story to end, scooped up the J & am bringing you this stroy live & next time your neighbor is hiding in the bushes, wait around see what happens....peace


  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    Haha, woah - dude sounds crazy...lucky that wasn't laced with anything?!

  • DubiousDubious 1,865 Posts

    probably not the bestm ove to smoke J's with crazy dudes i nthe bushes... but hey you only live once !!

  • soulrezsoulrez 565 Posts
    it was all good, shit smelled like urb not chemicals, im no newbie to the urb dangers
    & since dude lives there i was chill, but had he been some random street walker, well then thats a different stroy all together...

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