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I'd really like to hear some of the following records/artists:Tinta Blanca - Avandaro y Virginia EPLa Verdad Desnuda - s/t EPMacho - Destruccion EPDivision del Norte - Dama con Alma EPLa Tribu - Por Perderte / No Te Quiero Mas EPSpidersComo Viejos Amigosetc.CD burns would suffice if you're not willing to part with copies. Willing to pay/trade in goods or services. References available upon request.-BELIEVE


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    I got some Dug Sug's shit if you want that. I wasn't as impressed with Dug Dug's as I was lead to beleive I would be lol. I might have a spiders also. I'll have to check.

  • yeah, the Los Dug Dugs stuff I've heard has been hit/miss, but maybe I just haven't heard that *good* good.

    which spiders album? "back," "nuevas rutas en sonido," or something else? PM with info, I might be interested.
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