shit is getting out of control

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ok, as some of you know, my buddy and I shut our store down this week. We got the store form a court order putting an injunction on one of the partners. He mismanaged the store and there is appx. $80,000 missing. The judge gave us the store. However, the bad partner is still a partner and we are currently suing him, we told him we would drop the suit and give him the store for x amount of dollars. He is a scumbag and feels he should be given the store for no money. My buddy is the one who put up all the money for the store. We want to file bankruptcy, but the bad partner is terrified of that because(as we recently found out) he hasnt paid income tax in 6 years and he is not a citizen of the US. so, once we file, he will prolly be sent to prison or sent back to Jordan. So now the fucker is trying intimidation. I have to go into the store every day to switch out the security tape and make sure the humidor is still on so the cigars dont dry out..we still might end up with the store, the lawsuit is really complicated. So, I went to the PO today to get our mail and we accidently got the busniess next door to ours mail so I went over there to give them their mail and they asked if I was alright...I said yeah ,why? Apparently a few minutes after I left Wed. 2 carloads of middle-eastern and hispanic looking guys got out of their cars with baseball bats and were pounding on our door. the bad partner has a new store in which all of his employess are either hispanic or middle eastern. I might be a wee bit paranoid, but I am thinking he is sending over dudes to itimidate us . I have to admit, I am a little worried for my safety. also as soon as we found out he wasnt a citizen, we called immigration/naturalization and guess what, they didnt do a fucking thing.


  • sorry dude... sounds like a sticky one

    call the po-po... or get a rent-a-cop

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    Take it easy, and play it safe. But stand yer ground.

    God I hate lawsuits....I know it's small comfort, but I know just a bit of how you feel right now, and it truly sucks ass. Thinking that your moves are marked, and that someone is out to do you harm. I hope this shit resolves sooner than later.

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    Document everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!!!

    That's fucked up. Nothing worse than going into business with a snake.

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    yo str8 up, if thi isnt an april fools joint, you should just be over it & call immigration, "didnt i hear he was talking bad about bush also " fuck him & his bitch ass homies...
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