ipod shuffle - your next 10 songs

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Just wondering what people are listening to in their ipod's or other mp3 players.Checking out 10 from my shuffle....1. dj frane - high without you2. cartola - preciso me encontrar3. dj lt. dan -i want you back ft. black rob4. the dix - here come the dix5. joy division - colony6. roger alan wade - knoxville girl7. paul nice - track 41 off of breaks for days8. the meters - i'm gonna put some hurt on you9. senor soul - it's your thing10. operation ivy - take warningshuffle on!!!!!!!!!


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    10 more....

    1. syl johnson - right on
    2. eric b & rakim - I know you got soul (richie rich mega mix)
    3. colder - your face
    4. fabulous counts - jan jan
    5. cee-lo - sometimes
    6. queens of a stoneage - skin on skin
    7. delta 72 - go go kitty
    8. the pharcyde - runnin'
    9. open door - breathe (pink floyd cover from rewind)
    10. manic hispanic - I'm so bored with you esse

    I know I only have about three post...still like to know what you guys are listening to when you aren't spinning records...
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