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Uh... yeah... ahaI'll box you're fucking head off, who gon knock the kid offNone of yall, wish one of yall come try meI'll body lil homeboy, silence that soundboyCome challenge me please, I promise you a armyAnd I'm dipping in a bonnie and I'm fresh out the countyAnd I just taught my mami how to shoot a lil toolSo I'd hate for you to run up get one up in your stomachThat's one less bullet out my hundred shot uuuuuuuuzPut your finger in your gun shot ooooohRun back to the spiddle and tell em P Crack not cooooolI'm on the shit to make a dead man moveStop trains, airplanes fall dog, you gon loooooseI'm on my twist, you on my listI bring the wop outta the spot, it's on like shitThat nigga Crack back and I'ma pop off my blickThat nigga Mack back, yall need to hop off our dickbrratFresh out the federal, cases I got severalAbout four or five, just had to settle twoThey said I tried to show a nigga what the metal doBut didn't succeed, the nigga still breathAttempt please, I'da hit him in his peasWith the mack with the beam, then get back in the breezeOnly clap from the neck up, I'da let the hecklar plug himI don't think they make kevlar skullies, fuck himShoulda let the AR touched him, cuffed himTo the bumper, drug him two city blocksThe juice in me and a henny shotFour percs and a hit of wopYou shoot first if you get the dropThe deuce work if you hit the spotLose the nurse, someone get the docRemove his shirt, see the pressure drop, check his vital signsHe's hemoraging, finish him, flatlineLoad it up, roll upBack boy, flat boySlow up, all that rap get capped boy, flat boyOh no, here we go, another flatlineB Mack, P Crack is back boy, flat boyGet him up outta here,(Rrring yeah rrring yeah)Don't get plugged up to the machine yeah ('chine yeah)Hold up he losing air, flatlineAm I clear? (flatline) Yeah (flatline)These dudes need to make an album together


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    These dudes need to make an album together

    Peedi and NORE could make a helluva album together too and I see that being a lil more plausible...

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    That nigga Crack back and I'ma pop off my blick
    That nigga Mack back, yall need to hop off our dick

    Skimmed over this too fast and thought it was a Craig Mack/Beanie collabo

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    Thank you

    Btw, this post style has been licensed from Alien Iverson

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    Craig Mack beanie combo
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