Lyn Collins - Check Me Out

NeverEnoughMoneyNeverEnoughMoney 300 Posts
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Do all OGs of this have a purple label or do some have a red? What's the difference here?Thanks.


  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    From memory, I think mine has a red label.

  • I imagine there were non-USA pressings on this- is yours US?


  • bull_oxbull_ox 5,056 Posts
    I think People started out purple and switched to red... they might've run concurrently though?

    Promo's can be green or white...

    Is this record worth a damn? May be the only People LP I've never heard...

  • I like it and think it is definitely a record worth grabbing. I hear that it pales in comparison to Think[/b], but that doesn't really say much about it's quality...Then again, I've never owned Think[/b].

  • motown67motown67 4,513 Posts
    Not as good as her Think album, but still has some fire on it. There's Rock Me Again & Again and a cover of Mr. Big Stuff, plus some others.

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