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  • Death is not the end. It's just another change. Rest in Peace Charles Bradley & Sharon Jones.  - Spidey
  • CAN was beyond Krautrock - Spidey
  • jjfad027 said: Did he ever Salma on SS? Between this thread and this one: THE OFFICIAL HATE ON SHADOW'S NEW ALBUM THREAD!!!I don't think Josh is hanging out here anytime soon..  - spidey
  • ppadilha said: I watched it late one night and had the volume down low so as not to wake up the baby, but I do remember the story being crazy. Isn't there a part where they stay in some huge mansion making acid or something? Yeah.. I mean…
  • LOL LOL LOL. You must look beyond the naked old man doing Yoga. 
  • I feel like Little Yachty doesn't know much about Hip Hop music. Which is fine, because most of his fans know little about Hip Hop music as well. He raps a bit, and sings a bit neither particularly well. He's riding his wave of celebrity and success…
  • I sold half my records, because I was running out of space. I gave away many just as gifts to friends. I just decided I don't need to keep obsessing over buying records anymore. There's only really a handful of records that I will never sell, but I …
  • Junior said: Hi spidey, I'm guessing you're familiar with this old SFJ article... http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2007/10/22/a-paler-shade-of-white Thanks for posting it. This is the first time I've seen it, and I guess in the defense…
  • dukeofdelridge said: it's rock'n'roll. Ah man.. I'm glad you guys bring this up.  I fail to understand what this guy has to do with this guy.  - spidey
  • RhythmGJ said: You're thinking too hard, SPLDY. And yes, music scholarship is important (I'm something of an academic myself), and yes, your analysis and musical examples are spot-on. But sometimes, some things just-- Are. If you like it, en…
  • Reynaldo82 said: It's every generation of African communicating with each other at the soul level outside of space and time. Is this a direct Afrika Baambataa quote?
  • Jimster said:  There are still folk doing it this way. Edan J-Live  Off the top of my head.. - D
  • ppadilha said: Junior said: I seem to recall conversations with people where they looked to break down the complex genius of Inception for me. On the other hand, when I went and watched The Matrix at the cinema on its release, it was …
  • I thought Ghost in the Shell was a pretty good adaptation of the anime. 
  • Skip Inland Empire. Watch Millenium Actress.  - spidey
  • ketan said: SPlDEY said: That's the beauty of this Mulholland Drive, and all of his films. It's intentionally grotesque, disjointed and some parts just feel wrong, but there are some deeply memorable moments that somehow resonate w…
  • SPlDEY said: David Lynch is one of the surrealist directors that I hate the most. That being said I thought Eraserhead, elephant man and Mullholland drive were excellent compelling films. b,121b,121Mullholland drive made 100% sense to me, unt…
  • Duderonomy said: Shit dude - does that mean no Kanye? LOL, I guess the only thing I've ever liked about Kanye was when he was comparing himself to Jodorowsky and Tesla. 
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  • Good topic brother, Lately I've been spending most of my time working on my health, and all of the closest people around me. Removing parasites from my diet and all of my relationships by focusing on removing negativity, and naturally growing farth…
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  • Prog Rock giant, Allan Holdsworth dead at 70.  - damo
  • Raj, I think in 2017 content is king and mobile compatibility is #1. Sites like Youtube, and Facebook dominate, because they allow users to create the content for them. Discussion alone is not enough for a niche community anymore. The Classifieds, …
  • DOR said: Ahhh. The dayz when Vitamin was the #1 supporter Soundbombing II! Does he support Rawkus now?
  • I wonder if out there exists an instrumental version of Earth Rot.  - damo
  • First thing that came to mine. RIP JUNIE!
  • EOTHEN “EGON” ALAPATT said: I found a copy of the second Electric Prunes album and brought it to Axe to sign. I told him that Dilla was ill. I explained to Axe that Dilla was a great hip hop producer, perhaps the greatest, and that he was und…
  • Electrode said: I was blindsided by this when I heard it on my local station the other night Dude, my neck is officially broken. Gawdayum! - spidey
  • Holy shit AXELROD??!??
  • Controller 7 said: I'm working with Meaty/Potions to put it out.  I haven't seen Meaty in years. Please tell him Diego from Vegas says What is up?  Dj Nobody / Doc Delay / and Controller 7 mixes that were posted here on Soulstrut have t…
  • Tommy, Thanks for this stellar set man. So many of these tracks I can't even identify, but am totally feeling. You got any new music on the way brotha? - Diego