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  • Favorite Cover Songs (INPUT NEEDED!)

    I think the Jackson 5 is probably the best cover band of all time.

    - spidey
  • Paul Barman returns

    White, 43 year old, Jewish, Dork. Produced by Questlove, MF Doom, Masta Ace, Memory Man, and Mark Ronson. Surprisingly dope little record. https://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/echo-chamber

  • Favourite Boiler Room set?

    I had to really think about this one, because I've only seen so many Boiler Room sets. There's lots of talent on there, and it's hard to mentally go back and remember which ones were really fun. Then today at work I remembered this great Adrian Younge dj set. Yeah, so he's dressed like Thurston Howell III while djing in the heat of the Palm Desert. Yeah, and so what he's playing lots of common records that most of us already own. Yeah, and so maybe I'm a little biased, because I've spun with him once before in Las Vegas. Yeah, and so what if he's hard needle dropping these records and there's a couple of flaws. IDGAF

    His musical selection is on point. He's spinning his personal vinyl. He's just vibing, and playing cuts from his private mind garden. This is the kind of DJ set any respectable SoulStrutter should get behind. Fists held high in solidarity. 

    PS, If you can't get with any of these tracks you're a straight up bitch. Sorry you had to find out this way. 

    - spidey
  • Favourite Boiler Room set?

    Kaytranada's crowd was pretty rough. 

  • No Record Store Day thread? Did we all skip it? (RR)

    I had a record epiphany. I wasn't just buying records to be cool. I wasn't flipping rares for cash. I just wanted to hear the music. The problem that I had with this idea of being a DJ and spinning rares was that it's essentially a rich man's game. For a non wealthy person I have spent thousands of dollars on records. I stopped heavy record buying about 5 years ago. Sold a lot of my records because of a move, and I personally feel much better with less records. I still got a storage I need to purge. The records left, but my appreciation for the music is still there. Record Store Day is a gimmick to keep an interest in buying Vinyl. God bless it. I just personally need to use what little money I have towards better decisions. 

    - spidey