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  • that store in Las Vegas

    The one time I went to that place, which was back in the mid 2000's, the owner refused to let me browse around until I told him exactly what I was looking for. I told him rap 12" to which he directed me to a room with a wall full of them, BTW, this store is a hollowed out house pretty much so there's rooms everywhere.  He then starts name dropping people that have been there shopping for the same types of stuff like Biz Markie and Jazzy Jeff. He then proceeds to tell me that nothing in that room was less then $10 and if I was interested in anything to bring it to the counter and he would tell me how much it was. When I hear things like that I usually turn around and walk out but since he hadn't really dissed me I figured I would hang for a few minutes before leaving. I grab a handful of records off of the shelf and flip through them to which I see artists like Vanilla Ice, Chubb Rock, Kid N Play, & Madonna, all the types of 12"s I find in the dollar bin every day and this fool thinks I'm gonna pay $10plus???? Not in his wildest dreams. I hung out for about 10-15 minutes before I left and never went back. In fact, I don't personally know anyone who every walked into that store a second time because that guy is a huge loud-mouthed jerk.   
  • Funny Biz Markie stories and appreciation thread!

    Nothing crazy but here's mine,

    Back in 2007 Fab 5 Freddy and I were trading blows on Myspace regarding the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show, (you can check that story out here:

    , Biz, one of the many people I shared the conversation with, messaged me on Myspace saying he wanted to talk to me and to leave my number so he could call. After leaving him my number he called an hour later and told me that he agreed with everything I said and that he was glad that somebody wasn't afraid to speak up.  He said if he would have expressed himself in the same way, people would just label him the "angry rapper".
       After that topic Biz proceeded to ask me what types of collectibles I had. Being a dj and record collector he knew I had other items related to hip hop. At the time, I has one of the biggest and illest vintage toy and music memorabilia collections you could find and Biz wanted to hear about it all. When I got to the point of mentioning my rap toys and memorabilia, every time I mentioned something related to him he would say, "aw man, I would have sent you that for free". Lol.
      Now for the record, I am a huge Biz fan at first saw him live in 1987 on the Dope Jam Tour. I"ve actually seen him live at least 10 times over the years and have most every record he put out so I don't want this to sound disrespectful. Biz was a big time liar.(Lol!) Throughout our 3 hour conversation, I caught him in several lies regarding various toys, collectibles, and records. To this day I've only heard one other person call him out and that was in a rap magazine (from Europe I think).  Regardless, he is one serious collector. He even asked me about what type of old audio/video rap footage I had in my collection.  
      I've met Biz several times over the years and he was always a cool dude. When he unleashed his mini Technique turntables to the world in New York some years back, I was there and it was crazy!  Him and his homie walked into the park and his homie was pulling this big case with wheels on one end of it. Nobody thought much of it, we all thought it was just his records, needles, headphones, etc. Then, BOOM! Like I said, crazy!

         The kids loved Biz and Biz loved the kids. I really miss that guy.
  • Tupac shirts

    the question can it be a "tour" t-shirt when it has his born/died year printed on it?