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  • Bored, so bish-bash-boshed out a beat

    Hey Duder,

    You're new joint is quite nice, really creative.     Here is a new joint I banged out today:


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  • Election Predictions?

    bassie2 said:
    Not everyone who votes for these people are racists and sexists. 
    Humour me - what is the point of attempting to make this distinction?

    Hi Bassie,

    First of all, let me say that I share your disdain with the U.S. presidential election outcome.  I am bothered that the leader of the U.S. has such irredeemable personal qualities.  In the aftermath of the election, I have been doing a lot of reading and I have reached some insights into the results.  A key point I have gleaned from my reading was that the decision to elect Trump was about hope rather than reason.  To coin The Voices of East Harlem's song title, the "Little People" were largely ignored in Hillary Clinton's campaign platform.  I have been reading about how terrified these folks are with respect to their economic futures.  They're living in places where a lot of industry has gone off-shore, leaving them to scramble to make ends meet.  President Obama curried a lot of favor with these folks owing to his bail out of the auto industry, thus saving the affected regions from further economic ravages.  The knocks on Trump's character were largely irrelevant to them relative to their more basic, sustenance needs.  Then, history has shown that some of the more effective presidents were not void of characterological flaws (e.g., Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, to name a few) which, I guess, allowed Trump voters to write off his character flaws.  Bear in mind, I do not agree with this, just trying to make sense of the matter.

    The above summary leads me to another point.  Abraham Maslow talked about his hierarchy of needs ranging, in ascending order, from biological, safety, belongingness, self-esteem, and self-actualization. I envision some of the Trump voters as relegated to the most basic biological and safety needs, thus rendering the higher-order needs of belongingness, esteem, and actualization largely irrelevant.  Owing to this, they probably did not feel any dissonance in voting for a man who espoused and propagated the worst values of man.  Instead, I imagine they were willing to place hope in an unqualified and sorely flawed candidate over one whom they distrusted.  I must add that Hillary Clinton was by no means blameless in all of this as her actions stoked such distrust (e.g., Benghazi, email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, ties to Wall Street bankers, the 'basket of deplorables" comment).  The outcome, to me, owes to the strong disdain for Clinton rather than a strong preference for Donald Trump.  I lay the matter at the feet of the Democratic National Committee, which preordained Hillary Clinton as the 'choice' of the party despite the fervor toward Bernie Sanders, whose platform spoke more to the hopes of the "Little People" than Clinton's.  Finally, I have to say that surely a fair share of the Trump electorate did make their vote based upon hate; however, in my reading, I have learned that a large share of voters, who supported President Obama in 2012, voted Republican largely because of Hillary Clinton being at the top of the ticket.  So, in essence, it appears that Michael Moore was spot on in his analyses of the likely presidential election outcome.  Most importantly, Moore noted (and I wholly agree) that Trump misled the "Little People" as he is incapable of addressing their problems.


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  • Strut World Tours Advice Centre

    Hey Junior,

    Kauai is beautiful!!!  If you go there, make sure you go see the Waimea Canyon and the Napali mountain range (the site of the mountains from "Jurassic Park."  Clearly, Kauai is the most remote and lovely island of the Hawaii island chain. If possible, then check out the 'Road to Hana' tour on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  It's harrowing yet beautiful at the same time.  Enjoy your trip!!!  I took the pictures below when the wife and I visited Kauai (and Maui too) back in 2014.

    Waimea Canyon (the 'Grand Canyon' of Hawaii)

    Napali Mountain Range


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  • Here Are Some Beats-Some New, Some Old and Updated

    Hey 'Strutters,

    Here are some new and not-so-new tracks I have been working on:



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  • LPs from START to FINISH?


    I must add on a few more:

    -"Natural Illusion", "San Francisco", "Oblique", and "Waiting" by Bobby Hutcherson
    -"Weasels Ripped My Flesh"-Mothers of Invention
    -"S/T"-Leroy Hutson
    -"Better Part of Me"-Clifford Coulter
    -"Contact"-Freda Payne
    -"Powerhouse"-Chester Thompson
    -"Infant Eyes"-Doug Carn
    -Something...Anything"-Todd Rundgren
    -"Shades of Blue"-Ted Taylor


    Big Stacks from Kakalak