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    Luckily CHCH escaped ok, all my family and friends are there and when i found out where it was i was freaked.
    we felt it up in Raglan and I assumed it was either Wellington or Taranaki... never thought the shake we felt could have been that far south.
    I hope your friends in CHCH are all good, i know first hand what a shake is like there and how far it can set your recovery back.
    I still have friends in Kaikoura that I have not heard from, can only assume their lives are now upside down.

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    With the South Island, I would rent a little camper
    and do a lap.
    starting wherever, but from Christchurch for example:
    head north up the east coast and go through Kaikoura, Marlborough Sounds, Nelson, Abel Tasman National Park, Golden Bay.
    Zig back to Motuaka and head down the middle and head over to the west Coast (Westport) and roll down the coast to the glaciers.
    Head inland at Haast and get some Mountains and Lakes in to you, do Queenstown and then south to Invercargill and head back to the east coast for the Catlins area.
    then back up the coast Via Dunedin and the awesome Otago peninsular and back to Christchurch.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - What is the best sampler / beat making software?

    Nothing wrong with Cool Edit and Acid for sure!
    That with Fruity Loops was my initial set up for chopping and looping and arranging.
    I see Ableton as a (very) advanced version of Acid.

    If you do just need something to chop breaks / samples to fire off to an MPC or the like, then yeah, just a simple audio editor like cool edit or Audacity will do the trick.

  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    ketan said:
    This whole ep has some nice sounds, including some junglism

    yeah, Scott is a fellow Kiwi and has been knocking about the D&B / Dubstep scene for a good decade.
    that whole ep is enjoyable, but his application of the jungle in to the 160 / FW style is very cool, not over the top like a lot of 'jungle footwork'.
  • multi jungle/dnb vibez of all eras (raer-r)

    Got all my records out and tidied for a move between cities, grabbed a shot of all the metalheadz 12s to celebrate an upcoming tour here.