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  • If a Tree Falls on Soul Strut

    deezlee said:
    I check the site everyday but it's starting to feel i'ts not for new poasters. 

    I'm not a new poaster, but I've never been especially prolific. From my perspective, there's an extent to which it was sort of never for new poasters on some level, or maybe I just wasn't about what it was about? 

    I'm finding similar conversations on other boards and all too often I catch myself slipping into nostalgia. I remember Ozone Entertainment and then that transitioning into Def Jux - labels and messages now long gone. I remember Tommy's board and the Bully Records cats - board and label long gone. The Stones Throw board is a beat battle with extras - I don't completely know what Stones Throw is as a label these days.

    I have never really been enough of a digger to be poasting about raers; never followed US sports enough to poast about that. Always loved producers and production-talk more than rappers and enjoyed hearing what others were doing, but there never seemed to be a place where production-related conversation could exist without it getting largely ignored. Maybe I just don't really get how the layout works, though.

    Social media seems to have taken over where message boards used to be, except the two things aren't comparable. Controllers seem to have taken over where hardware samplers used to be, except the two things aren't comparable. MP3 seems to have taken over where vinyl used to be, except... no, wait. Urban Outfitters says "VINYLS ARE BACK!" 
  • Concept albums that don't suck

    if you melt it down to just the skits, the goats' "tricks of the shade" is one of the best i'll ever hear