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  • Bicycles

    Sold my trail bike and my DH bike when COVID hit. Bought an eMTB and became lone wolf ebike warrior, accessing far-away and unused trails with the power of electrons. Ended up doing some unbelievable rides, single greatest bike development since bikes themselves. 

    Kids are roasting it on their bikes. 

    Bikes still great!

    Off IG but had to return to Strut to read about the Biz. 

    Oh man an ebike? That's the like CTI of biking. Real headz are on their custom steel hardtails listening to strata east and crushing.

  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    HAZ said:
    That there hasn't been a Soulstrut book is crazy. This was ground zero for so much stuff. Where would you even begin?

    Howard come visit me in Toronto! It's been too long. I'm not even sure anymore whether the dollar cinema was real or just a fever dream.

  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    Yemsky said:
    200+ Likes on FB and 100 comments
    500 (!) Likes on Instagram and 150 comments
    A mere hundred views views and a dozen comments on soulstrut.com
    This probably explains that the struggle is real. 

    Thanks Raj for keeping it going for a quarter of a century. I was actually wondering over the holidays how long you would keep it going...     
    TWENTYFIVE years makes you realise how old many of us are by now or (if you were NOT around at the turn of the millenium) how much of this digging culture you missed when it happened "live".  
    A BIG Thank You to all who have contributed to this site and shared their passion and knowledge.  

    The alternative to shutting it down would have been to set up a 25th anniversary merch shop: Tee Shirts (!!!), coffee table book... bring it on! Maybe you can still do that!?!?!!! 


    It makes me sad. FB and IG are so obviously inferior than this medium for fostering community and conversation.

  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    Oh wow! This is sad but, i suppose, inevitable.

    Raj, you created something special. All these years later and some of my closest friends originate from Soulstrut. It added to my life in a real, beautiful way.

    I remember meeting you for the first time and being confused that you didn't look at all like what I expected from "Raj Mahal".

    I will forever respond to Eli Lake's tweets with, "I know you from soulstrut, punk!". He never acknowledges me.

    Diplo still owes me a Leon Thomas LP. I will never forget.

    I miss the days when I'd meet someone into soulstrut music and i could expect that if they didn't pose on the strut, they'd lurk. The alternatives are just so underwhelming. 

    Excuse me i have something in my eye...
  • Questlove teaches you "curation"

    For me it's not about selling out, it's the indignity of it all.  These aren't people who need to be paid. They're people who like Master Class's appeal to their vanity. If Questlove wanted to share his thoughts on curation, he could post a video to Youtube, but that's not quite the same as looking at the camera and saying, with cringy sincerity, "this is my master class". Come on now. I feel like Diplo, who seems as mercenary as anyone (and still owes me a Leon Thomas LP), would have had more fun with it.  
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