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  • "Tighten up" VS "funky Nassau"

    Jimster said:
    Nassau is "Like a worn out recording of a favourite song" (Piña colada-R) whereas TU is still relatively fresh to me.

    So, +1 for "Tighten".

    This, I find hard to believe. At this point I'm more likely to hear "Tighten Up" on the oldies station than "Funky Nassau." That said, I love both equally, but "Tighten Up" if I had to choose.

  • 2016 - The great Boomer Die Off ?

    batmon said:
    LaserWolf said:
    I also don't know any one who cares about BS.

    Batmon is right. Aretha will get as much press as James Brown and Ray Charles got. Which is about the same as what Glen Frey got.
    I bet 2 weeks ago many Eagles fans had no idea who Glen Frey was.

    Just look at this forum. Glen Frey's passing got more notice than Otis Clays. Supposedly people here care about soul music, but not as much as they do Yacht Rock.
    Dude they were parading James Brown body around for the next month. Mainstream coverage was more than a week. 

    also, FB had barely gotten going in 06 when JB died. was maybe at Harvard when Ray died? no twitter, no instagram, barely youtube.

    if social media was like it is today, it would've been much, much crazier when they passed.
    The day I found out that Ray Charles died, I was hanging at the Chicago Blues Festival with my friend Eli. We're sitting on a curb like two kids at a parade, watching Lacy Gibson do his set, when Eli gets a text message out of nowhere. "Hey, I just found out that Ray Charles died!" Literally a second later, right when Lacy's song finishes up, one of the emcees strolls to the stage and announces Ray's death, followed by a minute of silence.

    Social media wasn't as pervasive in 2004 as it is today, but it was getting there.


    Don't forget 1967's Revolution!.

    According to legend, Raiders' lead singer Mark Lindsay wanted to keep pace with the Beatles, Stones, etc. and get with the psychedelic times, but Paul Revere wasn't hearing it; he wanted to hold on to the 12-year-old consumer's dollar. So he compromised with these poppish psych LP's, although if Lindsay had his way, he would have gone a little farther around the bend. Which he did for real on 1970's Collage album, but by that time their bubblegum image was chiseled in stone and the hippies unfortunately didn't want to know.

    Their loss. Some of the best pop-psych was made by Top 40 AM bands trying to "hippen up" their image (also see: Monkees'"Porpoise Song" and "Daily Nightly," as well as Tommy James & the Shondells' albums Crimson & Clover and Cellophane Symphony - not good enuff to play all the way through, but when they're good, they're really good).