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    This is excellent.
  • Marvel's Luke Cage

    Episode titles are Gang Starr songs.
    I'm just glad that screen-presence-of-a-rice-cracker-I-act-with-my-eyebrows gal who played Jessica Jones isn't in it.
  • Who is your current favorite female mc?

    Let me cleanse my palate to get rid of the bad taste of Euro men talking about what women should and shouldn't wear.

    Not sure if it's a bad sign about the current state of things that two of the best MCs right now are veterans Remy Ma and Lil Kim or some sort of vindication about female rappers and their enduring talent. Either way, Lil Kim Season is one of the year's best releases and Remy got out of prison and did not skip a beat before she came back with two hot releases. I mentioned Remy 11 years ago when this thread first started and here she still is, getting played at parties and shit.

    A little more current, I would say Nicki Minaj's plan for pop domination only to shed the cartoon act and settle into setting shit on fire has worked out quite nicely.
    It's old news now - but since the original thread - so I will say that her part on Monster is still one of the best features to date. Her part on Yo Gotti's Down in the DM is pure fire. Her part on Truffle Butter is pure fire. Her part on Only and Feeling Myself...well, you know.

    Keysha Freshh from my beautiful city is amazing

    And that much more current - Young M.A is my favourite new rapper, rapper private parts be damned.

  • de la strutnip

    For people born in the early 60s to 80s, we are operating under the belief that we are the recipients of a "better world" than what our parents and those before them lived in. Economic booms, end of wars with tangible freedoms gained, major shifts in social justice and personal freedoms, immigration to better opportunities...and all the art, film and music that accompanied these changes.
    We are also in the beautiful and unique position to have dual perspectives; we can ride the technological train young enough to learn, adopt and benefit from the progress and old enough to have used, or at least remember, what used to be - turntables, recording on cassettes, rotary phones and life without GoogleMaps and Wiki.

    I think people the writer's age live with the general notion they are the recipients of some serious bullshit. Housing and economy bottoming out, 1%/99% wealth disparity, environmental disaster, first generation to be born in the West and all the neither-here-nor-there pressure and limbo that comes with that, never-ending hypocritical and expensive wars that have destroyed lives and murdered more people than they have helped and leaders, police and media that mirror race relations of the black and white images of their grandparents' time.

    (I'm not going to touch the hyper-disposable culture of the arts. It's a separate discussion and I don't think 35+ folks are as immune to it as much as they think they are)

    There are people our age who never appreciated the urgency of the Clash or Gaye's despair or De La Soul's vision when they were first released. It's a tall order to expect a 24 year old in 2016 to give a damn and hold precious a record older than him, no matter how "important" it was. Looking around, not sure I would.
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