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  • Why are the Jazz is Dead release so tepid?

    In fairness, it seems to me like it’s the legends themselves who’ve lost the “lightning in a bottle”.

    Bob James put some stuff out a few years back, and it was just snoozy jazz trio biz of classics like “Westchester Lady” etc…tepid! 

    Janko Nilovic was backed by funky Ruskies The Soul Surfers on an LP from a year or so ago…tepid!

    Arthur Verocai’s recent(ish) stuff (other than “Bis”) is tepid. Floating Points tried to summon magic from the majestic Pharoah Sanders not long ago and got tepidity. Gil Scott Heron, Brian Jackson, etc. etc. 

    This isn’t (and won’t be) an exhaustive list, but I think these legends just lose it after a time, or have perhaps moved on from the peak of their sound. Who knows why. 

    The Jazz Is Dead series has some nice moments on them, but nothing that will make you sit straight up when it hits you. 
  • Did I break a record store code of conduct?

    Yemsky said:
    dizzybull said:
    If I fucked then tell me.

    To get busy you go to a Burger King bathroom. 

    At least once. 

    Damn! Y’all fancy.

    I’ve been raw-doggin it behind the dumpster with my pants around my ankles. I need to up my game.

  • Discogs Rant: If You Post the Same Record Daily for 3 years, Maybe Consider Lowering the Damn Price.


    There needs to be a function that allows you to block sellers. Or better still, a function that allows you to block a specific item from a specific seller. That’s probably asking a lot but I’d love it.
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  • Hello to the Strut

    Welcome back, dude!

    I remember you as well. If I’m not mistaken, you were Fishmonger Funk, then Crabmonger (or was it the other way around?) because of password issues. You’re in BC, right? You got into it a few times with a troll that used to be here (so did I)—thank fusk, he’s gone. 

    That guy single-handedly ruined this place before the mass adoption of social media cleared this place out like a dancefloor when last call is announced at shitty night clubs.

    Anyway, you’d post dope records on the “finds” threads, and you shared a lengthy list of mp3s for Struttuers to download one time. Lots of dope Canadian jazz/funk like Pacific Salt etc. that I recall downloading.

    If I’m wrong about everything I’ve written, big oops, and I guess my memory is fading, but not my ability to be awkward lol. So yeah, welcome back. 
  • Can anyone explain Nardwuar the Human Serviette?

    I think he’s great.

    I think his thing is a schtick, but it’s brilliant because his goofiness makes the interviewee seem that much cooler if they play along. He’s almost child-like in his excitement and a superfan in his knowledge—how can you hate on that?

    His voice is annoying, yes, but that’s gotta be part of the act. There’s a dude who calls himself “The Schmo” and is an MMA interviewer. He basically does what Nardwuar is doing but kinda toned down (and quite frankly lame in comparison) and appears to be making a decent living doing it!