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  • New Findings of Rare Panama Soul 7's


    I am after the new digging trip in Panama and I am glad to present you the newest findings.

    Please see or buy the records here (with audios):

    or contact me:

    Audios / photos available

    thank you


    Little Francisco Greaves 45rpm [Hiko-Iko - Moving-Grooving] VG+

    The Exciters 45rpm [Lazy Strut - Walking-Walking] EX

    Ralph & The Telecasters 45rpm [Something Deep Inside - Gua-Jazz] VG+

    Ralph Weeks 45rpm [Algo Muy Profundo - Cuando Llegue A Phoenix] VG+

    Cosa Nostra 45rpm [Samba Samba Pt 1 - Samba Samba Pt 2] VG++

    Francisco Greaves 45rpm [I'm Sorry - Muchachita Sin Vergüenza] VG+

    Los Silvertones 45rpm [El Baile De La Arana - Spider Soul] G+

    The Exciters 45rpm [Dime Porque - Express Yourself] VG

    Los Dinamicos Exciters 45rpm [No Volvere - Stop Look Listen] VGtoVG+

    The Beachers 45rpm [John Jones - Aquarius] VG+

    Harvey Bender and The Groove Makers 45rpm [You Got Soul Girl - Prisoner Of Love] VG-

    Little Francisco Greaves 45rpm [No Puedo Vivir Asi - Knock Your Head And Go Wild] VGtoVG+

    The Exciters 45rpm [The Brown 1a Parte - The Brown 2a Parte] VG

    Los Silvertones 45rpm [You Call Me By My Name - A Barranquilla] VG

    Los Dinamicos Exciters 45rpm [Matilde Lina - Track Of My Tears] VG+

    Franklyn Greaves 45rpm [Soledad-Soledad - We're Still Strong] VGtoVG+

    Franklyn D Greaves 45rpm [Mi Ultimo Amor - Lonelyness] VGtoVG+

    George De Leon Y Sus Amigos 45rpm [Sitting in The Park - Rio Abajo Beat] VG-

    Los Flamers canta Alfonso Duncan 45rpm [Tu Fuiste Mi Vida - Name It] VG-

    Los Mozambiques 45rpm [Mi Decepcion - Shaba Shuba] G

    The Exciters 45rpm [Alone In This World - A Love That I Found] VG

    Los Dinamicos Exciters 45rpm [Gipsy Queen - K-Jee] G+

    Los Fabulosos Festivals 45rpm [Regresa Pronto - Can I Change My Mind] G+

    Los Invasores 45rpm [Los Invasores - Since I Met You Long Ago] VG+

    Los Shelter's 45rpm [Bom Hace Mi Corazon - Cheer Up] VG+

    Los Silvertones 45rpm [Candela Brava - No Te Vayas De Mi] G+

    The Exciters 45rpm [Ese Muerto No Lo Cargo Yo - Exciters Theme] VG-

    The Exciters 45rpm [Pa' Colombia - Gimmi Some] VG

    The Exciters 45rpm [The Bag - Say Yeah] VG+

    Little Francisco Greaves 45rpm [Saying Goodbye - Necia De Mi Corazon] VG

    The Festivals 45rpm [Our Love We're Meant To Be Together - Negra Paloma] G+

    The Happy Sound 45rpm [Beautiful Chichi - Don't Let Me Cry] VG

    Los Mozambiques 45rpm [Nina - Te Deseo Amor] VG-

    The Strangers Wilfredo Ingram Placido 45rpm [That Girl - Separacion] VG+

    The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [El Porcentaje - El Mismo Sere] G+

    Los Silvertones 45rpm [Juguete - True Love] VG

    The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Emily Soul - Ain't No Sunshine] G+

    Conjunto H B 45rpm [Expression - El Nuevo Cha] VGtoVG+

    Goombays Soul 45rpm [Spooky Love - Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre] EX

    Los Silvertones 45rpm [Up Tight - Desengano No] VGtoVG+

    The Exciters 45rpm [Si Si Si - Make It With You] VG-

    The Lord Rhauburn Combo Of Belice 45rpm [Soul Brother - Yellow Bird] VG

    The Beachers 45rpm [No Me Llores - Oh Me Oh My] G

    The Beachers 45rpm [The Guns - Lloraras] G+

    Franklyn Greaves 45rpm [I Can't Take No More - Give It Up] G+

    The Malicumba A Go-Go Mighty Vilma Elliott 45rpm [Respect - Siboney] VG+

    The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Regresaras - Soul Cucaracha] VG

    Los Mozambiques 45rpm [No Llores Mas - Consuelate] VG

    Los Silverstone 45rpm [Tamborito Swing - Corazon Dolorido] G+ GOLD Lbl

    The Soul Fantastic's 45rpm [Ven A Mi - Your Love Is All I Need] VG-

    The Beachers 45rpm [Esta Noche Me Emborracho - Something Deep Inside] G+

    Cecilio Cess Wilmot Los Goombays 45rpm [Soul Power - Calypso Medley] EX

    Los Piedra Santa 45rpm [El Regreso - Conga Y Timbal] VG

    The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Groovy Situation - El Arca De Noe] VGtoVG+

    Tito Y Sus Soneros 45rpm [El Criticon - Quiero Volver] VG+

    Combo Lirico Ismael Cardenas 45rpm [Limbo tambor - Necia de mi corazon] NM

    Victor Boa Y Sus Estrellas 45rpm [Gozando El Tema - Ruffles] VG-

    Combo Los Astronautas Lord Mao 45rpm [Plomo Y El Piquero - Lograre Tu Amor] VG

    The Soul-Singers Salvation Army Panama Central Corps 45rpm [You Don't Have To Be A Millionaire - Corazon] VG

    Los Excelentes 45rpm [Noches Felices - Having My Baby] VG+

    Los Mozambiques 45rpm [I Like To Be With You - A Flor De Piel] VG

    Los Naturales 45rpm [Las Golondrinas - Swear To God] VG+

    La Banda Brava De Aberlando Molinar 45rpm [Tu Beso Morena - I Wish You Love] G+

    The Beachers 45rpm [Beacher's Descarga - It's All Right] VG

    The Duncan Bros 45rpm [Sinembargo - Supernatural] EX

    The Happy Sound 45rpm [Without Love - Cock Head] VG-

    The Persuaders 45rpm [Black Power - Many Nights] VG to VG+

    Venancio Romero Wilfredo Ingram 45rpm [Herida De Amor - Inocente Nina] VG-

    The Strangers 45rpm [Pena - Smoke In My Eyes] VG+

    Cecilio Ces Wilmot Goombay's Combo 45rpm [I'm Leaving - Runaway] VG+

    The Exciters 45rpm [Cocktel Espanol - Let You Self Go] G

    The Strangers 45rpm [Mala Mujer - Mi Pueblo] G

    The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [En Ti - Mamy's Love] VG+

    The Groovers Combo Harvey Bender 45rpm [Please Care For Me - Yo No Pienso Caer] EX

    Los Autenticos Mozambiques 45rpm [En Diciembre - To Quiero Saber (En Navidad)] VGtoVG+

    The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Soul Train - Mujer] G+

    Los Rivales de Bocas del Toro 45rpm [Chichi And Baby - Que Triste Es Estar Sin Ti] VG+

    The Persuaders 45rpm [El Coyote - Dejame Vivir] VGtoVG+

    The Persuaders 45rpm [La Razon Para Querer - No Se Nada Del Amor] G+

    Ismael Cardenas con Los Incognitos 45rpm [Yarala - Comentan Nuestro Amor] G+

    Los Incognitos 45rpm [Te Quiero Carino - Ritmo Santana] VG+

    Los Ritmics Jorge Vassell My Boy 45rpm [Sin Mi No Puedes Vivir - Ritmics Jamboree] VG+

    The Gliders 45rpm [Vuelve - Me Duele El Alma] VG

    Conjunto Los Magneticos canta Beby Santizo 45rpm [Sin Remedio - No Quiero Estar Solo] G+

    Los Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Sound's of Joy - You Can't Get] G+

    Skorpio 45rpm [Mandy - Volver Volver] VG-

    Los Dinamicos Exciters 45rpm [Woop Wap - Dias Mas Frios de Mi Vida] VG

    The Beachers 45rpm [Honey - The Walk Back] G Decol Wri

    The Enterprises 45rpm [El Capitan - Porque Te Vas] VG+

    Conjunto Los Magneticos canta Beby Santizo 45rpm [Quiero Decirte Que Te Extrano - Solo Ayer] G+

    Ismael Cardenas con The Lyrics Combo 45rpm [Vuelve Amor Mio - Lyrics Jamboree] VG+

    Los Superiores 45rpm [Avivate Mulato - Libre Soy De Ti] VG

    Soul Dinamyc's 45rpm [Jingle Jangle - Banana Boat] VG

    The Persuaders 45rpm [Love And Peace - Two Nights] VGtoVG+

    The Dicks 45rpm [Joy To The World - The Lord's Prayer] VGtoVG+

    Los Dinamicos del Ritmo 45rpm [Mana Mana - Skokian] VG+

  • Panama Soul Funk Ballads Rare 7"s Mix - All Available

    I have just prepared a mix of the soul records which are available for sale:

    Let me know if you need any of them