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  • Jimster said: ppadilha said: Duderonomy said: https://youtu.be/-nLU16CdpP4 https://youtube.com/watch?v=-nLU16CdpP4 seems legit Those are Gabriel Jesus' tatts. Jesus has been very good so far (pre-season). Maybe …
  • Jimster said: But Mrs D is Spanish, no?  So you can get a Spanish passport and live anywhere in the EU as you please?  Don't you already have more passports than Jason Bourne? Not going to use the US of A one if I can help it, feel almos…
  • DOR said: We're having this issue in my country. Conservative by design are strangling the public health system. Pushing to bring more private options and make themselves rich off of sick people. The latest is Nurses have been stuck with rais…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: that's a nice selection, nicer than i could reasonably expect from the description  Haha, if there was an equivalent term to “blue-eyed soul” I’d have used it. Honky Jazz? That might infer a lineage with…
  • FFS. Maybe I can take Dutch citizenship.
  • So fucked. Keep voting Tory damn plebs.
  • Jazz-influenced early(ish) rock excursions as played by whitebwoys: https://soundcloud.com/1-hand-clapping/duderonomy-maiden-voyage-white-jazz/s-itFNVuLRcj9?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  • Somebody embed this stunning brilliance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-XSVQCshmFw&feature=emb_title
  • https://youtu.be/-nLU16CdpP4 https://youtube.com/watch?v=-nLU16CdpP4
  • Jimster said: You seeing S*eve in London, L*o?  Say hi.  Been too long. Hadn’t thought of it, but I should while I’m here. Staying until end of August.You got a contact for him?
  • Every few hours I soak my t-shirt and it’s dry in no time! I was on the central line from Marble Arch to Leyton on Sunday ~6pm and it was hell. Packed in like sardines, zero air, and at one point I thought if I died right now, it wouldn’t be such a …
  • Barca must be overjoyed by the Champs league “historic form” that would guarantee them a spot no matter what: I guess that’s some of the credit they’re buying with. My wife’s brother was apparently near-tears at the Lewi announcement. I mean he’s o…
  • Joris Bohnson resigning is kind of annoying: if he’d been leader of the CONservatives at the next general election, a Lib-Lab coalition would’ve been a dead cert IMO.
  • Lewandowski to Barca. Raphina to Barca. I thought Barca were bludklaut broke? particularly annoying as Raphina said his first choice of his Prem suitors was Arsenal.
  • Could this be static? Whatever hi-tech methods others have, I’ve always found warm water + toilet paper record on deck press the (not too damp) wad at the centre of the record and manually spin the platter so that your wad follows the grooves out…
  • Jimster said: ppadilha said: happy to see that In-ger-land's World Cup preparations are going according to plan Qatar Fan Zones will be interesting...  You will be able to buy a pint but being drunk in public is a crime there."Caref…
  • kicks79 said: RIP Fredrik Lager aka Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjLhMTWvHxY&feature=emb_title  Shit, he can’t have been very old?RIP
  • DOR said: Next season is going to be interesting seeing how all these transfers play out. Sad to see Mane go. Hoping Nunez makes the transition. Looking forward to watching Haaland play in the prem (Tho, I wish not well for Liverpool sake). …
  • Jimster said: Lot of chat about Haaland going to be a flop.  Never played a minute in the prem and all that. IIRC, neither has Darwin Núñez. Haaland seems to be doing OK in these internationals.  Of course, the level of players is less than …
  • Electrode said: Blackalicious "Nia" When I got this I think I was a little underwhelmed. I'd previously copped the A2G EP which seemed to be the highlights of the album, while Nia generally is a more reflective work. Would love Quannum (…
  • Mind you, I probably do like fusion - is this within the genre?
    in Modern Jazz Comment by Duderonomy June 5
  • Jeremy Steig - Alias Pete La Roca - Basra / Turkish Women LPs Shlomo - It Rained The Whole Time (Nicholas Jaar remix) Rehash Media - Round Lounge Suite + singles (they need to get a bandcamp going) dub reggae
  • Swayze said:  I find quite a lot of it too be too fusion for my taste.So has anyone got any post nineties or so recommendations for good jazz (that isn't fusion)? ppadilha said: you guys sound like you don't like jazz fusion Swa…
    in Modern Jazz Comment by Duderonomy June 2
  • You filthy slag. 900 x dead stock singles of Twist ‘Em Out by Dillinja?
  • That DOMi & Beck vid is really quite amusing old chap. Music is a bit noodly though. They’re very talented but I’d still rate them if they just sat in the pocket of a nice simple groove.
    in Modern Jazz Comment by Duderonomy May 31
  • Teh Duke of Burlington track is there   I only played that out once. I’d like a version without the moaning tbh. It’s a lush track as is. Enjoying the mix!
  • perfectpawn said: The version on here is only an hour long...I remember the version of the mix I had back in the day was like 78 minutes, with Can's Vitamin C and etc.  Anyone here have this version of the Trap Door mix and be willing to hook…