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  • Seeing as they are from Houston. This should've been a collaboration with OG Ron C and The ChopStars. This "Dub" version should be slowed down.  - spidey
  • IMO, J.I.D is Atlanta's answer to Kendrick.  - Damo
  • Such a perfect song! - spidey
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  • ketan said: Is post-rap decidedly not (hip hop) beat-oriented?  i can see that, if so. Yep, Post-rap uses some familiar Hip Hop elements in a completely new context. It abandons typical hip-hop tropes or conventions, and usually bears li…
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  • karinex said: Поисковая оптимизация (англ. search engine optimization, SEO) — комплекс мер по внутренней и внешней оптимизации для поднятия позиций сайта в результатах выдачи поисковых систем по определённым запросам пользователей, с целью ув…
  • Jimster said: He does have the look of a young Jacko.  I dunno bout that..- spidey
  • Fred_Garvin said: This is a pretty old story, if I remember right, and didn't Miki Howard completely deny it? Plus the "evidence" turned out to be fake or something? This dude looks more like Lenny Kravitz than he does MJ. SPlDEY said: …
  • Okay now test your ears.  Was Al B. Sure also trying to imitate Michael Jackson here? Is this song an homage to Al B. Sure or Michael Jackson? - spidey
  • Yeah, I think that's all on that interview. I think there are other interviews with DMC on that YouTube channel about some other topics.  - Diego
  • I think Soul Strut is smart enough to fully digest what DMC is saying in this video. I've been on this site for a now, and every year there was a re-occuring joke on Soul Strut about the "Hip Hop is dead" thread. Here's the beginning/end of the co…
  • Straight from Boris Gardner's mouth! - spidey
  • Yeah, I think there's a lot of interesting changes going on in Rap music. I think we definitely hit the Post-rap era when people were talking about Lil Yachty not knowing who Tupac was.  I remember that being a bit absurd and not very memorable m…
  • Duderonomy said: http://www.youtu.be/watch?v=ITILk-dc4Wo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITILk-dc4Wo screw it, I've completely forgotten how to embed stuff For some reason you have to use the share link now. How did you first hear abou…
  • COLD BLOODED! Cot damn BG! - spidey
  • - spidey
  • I didn't even know about the Kendrick track! What is the story of this dude? - Damo
  • Hell yeah Ketan! I'm loving it.  Yo, I hate these kind of narrated videos, but this is somehow pretty informative.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN8cCWWUclg - Damo
  • ppadilha said: that looks like a pretty spacious van! Boogarins put on a good show, I saw them here in Porto Alegre a few years ago. They like to go off on their psychedelic jams. They're awesome, and similar in age to me. We recently …
  • The Boogarins. Some buddies of mine from Brasil.  - Damo
  • nzshadow said: I used to work with Jordan. He is the epitome of a Good Dude. Back in Amsterdam in the early 00s at an american improv comedy club called Boom Chicago. Jordan was a cast member for a few years, I was a bartender. Jordan smoked …
  • It's a great listen. Beautiful work. The standouts to me are, "The world is rated X," "Where are we going," "Christmas in the City," and "Checking out."  Double clutch is my standout pick. Which sounds more similiar to Bohannon's solo work.  https:…
  • Dude, fucking yes man. I am so proud of this dude to keep this series going!!  Hugo keep doing you man! - Damo
  • Didn't he die in 2005? - spidey
  • ^^ Fool, ur trippin.. - spidey
  • This movie was a straight up slam dunk!  - spidey
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: I mean, am I mistaken that Get Out is kind of about performatively useless white ally-ship? I think the whole concept with Get Out went over most of the audiences heads, but I'm also surprised that it was so…
  • Just wanted to add that I love that Khruangbin and Altin Gun may both be the 2 most exciting things in live music in 2019.  peaces, - spidey
  • Mark from Khruangbin's influences are a collection of multiple "world music" sources ranging from South East Asia, Thailand, Indonesian, African, Balearic,  Ethiopian, Afghanistan, Jamaican, with a Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul foundation. With specifi…