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  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: I mean, am I mistaken that Get Out is kind of about performatively useless white ally-ship? I think the whole concept with Get Out went over most of the audiences heads, but I'm also surprised that it was so…
  • Just wanted to add that I love that Khruangbin and Altin Gun may both be the 2 most exciting things in live music in 2019.  peaces, - spidey
  • Mark from Khruangbin's influences are a collection of multiple "world music" sources ranging from South East Asia, Thailand, Indonesian, African, Balearic,  Ethiopian, Afghanistan, Jamaican, with a Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul foundation. With specifi…
  • One of my buddy Bertrand started the station Lemellotron.com. Some seriously good music coming from these guys: - spidey
  • Bowie + Luther - Ego
  • Fuck that dude. Beyonce in her prime vs. Any girl ever.  /endthread
  • Farewell mama  - Diego
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  • /threadhijack  Sugar is collectively killing all of us, a bittersweet realization.  - spidey learn some shit > https://ihavenotv.com/sugar-addicted-to-pleasure 
  • WOW. This was a crazy one the original greatest MC Rakim. Backed by Adrian Younge with Ali Shaheed Muhammad on Bass with a string section in tow. This was amazing. Good on these guys.  - Damo
  • He's already ruined music.  - D
  • I think the Jackson 5 is probably the best cover band of all time. - spidey
  • Her NINA SIMONE tribute album is FIRE! - spidey
  • Jimster said: The Hiatuses are a complete one-off and for my 2p, the world is a better place for them and their ilk*. Homey, if he can't hear what's good about Vulfpeck or Hiatus Kaiyote. His ears may be broke g. - D
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: It's the ideal one-off, it's a really interesting branch-off style, but you don't want guys who aren't Paul Barman trying to be Paul Barman and turning into a subgenre or something. Definitely reminded me o…
  • Paging Young Einstein!  - Spidey
  • Hairy Moody said: Every lick of this shit needs to be put in a giant sack labelled "CHOPS!," taken out behind Guitar Center, and fed into a fucking wood-chipper, New-Balances-first. Bruh, do you even party?- spidey
  • Colbert show? Dude I haven't watched TV in forever. Where have I been? - spidey
  • G, this is honestly the only reason I still come here. Good taste. Big ups Rishan. This was a dope find!! Reminds me a bit of Larry Coryell.  - Damo
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  • I had to really think about this one, because I've only seen so many Boiler Room sets. There's lots of talent on there, and it's hard to mentally go back and remember which ones were really fun. Then today at work I remembered this great Adrian Youn…
  • How is Bilal not a bigger star? I'm always blown away by this.  I saw him here with a crowd of like 60 people. Now, I'm in white ass Austin Texas, but still it's sad to see so much talent go unappreciated. - Damo
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  • Kaytranada's crowd was pretty rough. 
  • RAJ said: Led Zeppelin - The Rover Just speed up to 1.25 and it's very much a riff hijack. I wonder how Jimmy Page feels about these guys considering how many influences he had borrowed to create Led Zeppelin's songs. - spidey
  • 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone The Immortalz - Mortal Kombat
  • I had a record epiphany. I wasn't just buying records to be cool. I wasn't flipping rares for cash. I just wanted to hear the music. The problem that I had with this idea of being a DJ and spinning rares was that it's essentially a rich man's game. …
  • Duderonomy said: The thing that Purdie clip reminds me is that while most drummers simply hit the drums (in time if you’re lucky), Purdie played the drums. You're getting into the real secret of playing music now. It's all a type of dancing…
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  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: I do wonder if vulfpeck's strangely obsessive fans use their music as a gateway to the stuff that vulf are often pastiching or if there's some superfan mindgardens where this is all happening for the first tim…
  • Yemsky said: Being in LA this week I’ve been listening to KPCC / NPR quite a bit. They play a lot of library music which sounds like Daptone. Anyone one knows which library this is? I dunno dawg, they tend to play alot of Daptone in fact. I…
  • klezmer electro-thug beats said: Chinese granny swagger. Khruangbin kind of reminds me of Vulfpeck, I can't nail down why... does anyone ride?  This is the first I've heard of Vulfpeck. Just youtube'd that and realized it's the same dude…
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  • The way the music industry is right now. It's going to be hard to stand out with this style of revival music. However, I think if he can push through this funkay phase of his career and keep on recording interesting, original, quality songs inspired…
  • The overall sound quality and style reminds me of this:  - Damo