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  • Franks africa mix vol. 4

    Here is the link to the „Lagos Disco Inferno“ mix, Raj:

    Duderonomy, no, I haven’t bought a record in years now…

    Doisn,  „togetherness“ is from this Aderemi Kabaka Lp:

    Planless, is this the "mix 3" you mean? I retitled most of these when editing the blog some years back...

    00:00  Wrinkar Experience  -sound way  (Nigeria)
    02:29  Docteur Nico  -sookie  (Congo)
    05:28  Les Elytes de Cotonou  -do you ray mbanba  (Benin)
    06:52  Poly Rythmo  -wodeka doe  (Benin)
    10:15  Picoby Band  -honton ve zoun  (Benin)
    13:40  the Black Santiagos  -bani wo dzo  (Benin)
    16:26  Anos Band  -boro non andou nan  (Benin)
    19:29  Poly Rythmo  -"general gowon"  (Benin)
    29:40  MFB  -boredom pain  (Nigeria)
    34:40  Gnonnas Pedro  -dadje von o von non  (Benin)
    38:30  Eskill & Vicky  -ecoute ma melodie  (Benin)
    46:24  Houn Pierre  -mansou djouwi  (Cote d'Ivoire)
    50:55  Asiko Rock group  -shadow of the boogie  (Nigeria)
    54:57  Poly Rythmo  -cherie yoyo  (Benin)
    59:32  Gnonnas Pedro  -how much love naturaly cost?  (Benin)
    65:48  Poly Rythmo  -ma won ye o  (Benin)

    These download links only stay active for 7 day and have a limited number of downloads, sorry about that.

  • "Take Me Away Fast" Voodoo Funk Documentary Related

    Somebody just asked me for a better version of this... never got a dvd though... Maru, Holmes, or anybody else who has one, if you could send me a rip it would be highly appreciated.

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  • Franks africa mix vol. 4

    this one?

    00:00   Gnonnas Pedro  -okpo videa bassouo
    03:55   Ignace Souza  -paulina
    08:24   Les Rizos De Lome  -djoyimavo
    11:28   El Rego Et Ses Commandos  -viman do wingnan
    14:46   Les Volcans  -oya ka jojo
    22:52   Gilles Sala  -mwad's
    25:37   Les Sympathics  -afrika
    32:04   Christiana Essien  -life is a game
    35:00   Ogassa  -ogassa story
    42:08   The Faces  -shokishoki shombolo
    48:29   Black Santiago  -dou dagbe we
    53:08   Orchestre Poly Rythmo  -blues ya de
    58:17   Melome Clement  -zo tche kpo dote
    65:21   The Funkees  -ole

  • Franks africa mix vol. 4

    I think it was mix #6 I liked the most; it was Afro boogie and disco - loads of long hypnotic facemelters. When I asked Frank about that mix he said all those records where in storage. The re-issuing he’s done has been great, but he seems to have focused more on the rare Afro funk records which often sound like the whole band was recording into one cheap mic.

    this one has some long, hypnotic stuff from various genres, Edo Funk, Afro Funk, Disco Funk...

    There are also some later mixes still up on Mixcloud: