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    Here's some little dude diggin story... I'm spending one month in Ghana with my girlfriend, working on a project during the week and travelling on the weekends. i didn't focus on digging as there's so much to discover apart from records. Surely i did ask around wherever i had the chance and people brought records, most were in really bad condition, paper sleeves are just as rare as the records themselves, they've simply molded away. I've received lots of hints so after almost 3 weeks i had the time to hunt for records, made some phone calls, organized the day. I've met some poeple, checked out some spots and finally didn't come home empty handed, did find some really nice bits by Segun Bucknor, Hygrades, Pat Thomas etc. of course conditions varied from vg- to vg+ and i got introduced to the new to me grading "hey, this looks OK". My portable turntable did a good job, it was a nice day.

    While in Ghana, i've stayed with a family. The father passed away only few years ago in his early 60s, way too early. He was quite into music, especially american jazz. The mother told me they've binned his record collection after he died as there was no turntable around, no space & no use for the plastic discs, the usual story.
    The next morning after my digging trip, i was sitting at breakfast with the son of the family, he is in his early 20s, he heard me talking about records i found the day before etc. He couldn't quite understand why one like me is interested in the old african sounds. I explained him that i'm really into these sounds but sadly the good ones are really saught after and very hard to find. I've played him some but he didn't really like the early sounds apart from Rolling Stones. if anything from the past, then he prefered the 80s and upwards american sounds. Anyway, he liked my passion for it and then he mentioned that his father had lots. Sadly he trashed them but to my surprise he told me that he sortet some out, randomly. He then brought a wooden box of 20 records, mostly jazz classics, a few 80s classics and a bit of highlife, nothing that i needed. He then carried the box away and after a while he shouted that i should come over, he found a small bag of 45s... he & his younger sister were sitting next to me on the table, watching me checking the bag. The first two in there were a real surprise,  Apagya & Cymande but both heavily waved, the bag has been stored outside on the terrace, in the sun...

    Luckily the last two 45s were flat and not heavily scratched deep sounding highlife 45s  While crawling deeper in the bag through empty 80s pop picture sleeves, i've pulled out 5 very old b/w fotos showing the father at a young age with friends etc. this was such an exciting moment as they didn't know these pics exist and they planned to bin this bag along with the other stuff stored on the terrace. While studying the pics the son told me to check that big metallic box on the terrace, there's more of his dads stuff and also a few lps<br>

    i've digged through the box, again nothing that catched my eye, until i've reached the second last record in a smaller pile at the very bottom of the box. The son noticed my reaction when i was pulling it out of the pile and holding it in my hands, quickly checking the disc inside: flat and not scratched.

    i told him this is exactly what i'm looking for. This is on top of the list. I still can't believe that this was sitting during 3 weeks just an armlength away from me. This would have been trashed within the end of the year if we didn''t have this breakfast conversation. Trashing this would have been a real loss as it's not something you see everyday out in the field in its original form with the brilliant cover. Above all, it's such a killer album from start to finish, one of the very best afro funk albums. Well, of course only if you like your sound in a "Funky Rob Way". Cheers
  • "Crispy & Clean" new set on Mixcloud

    I've added a new set on Mixcloud incl. many recently released sounds by favourite artists/bands like DJ Format, Embryo, Scorpios, Johnny! etc. and just a few dusty old ones. From instrumental hiphop to krautjazz via afro-manding... hope you'll enjoy it. Best, R.  

    highschemeElectrodeklezmer electro-thug beats
  • EMBRYO (Germany) 2018 concert audio stream / Jazzrock Krautrock

    another snippet from the concert in 2018