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  • Voodoo Funk vs Austrian Reissue? Label

    Echoes of Ye Olde Internette bubbling up! I love it. A couple of thoroughly unpleasant characters, with no true winner, but the cards are stacked against this Max guy: the first thing I read from him is level four messageboard mega-ramble, already reeking of thou dost protest 2 much bro. Could probably get by with a "LOL whatever dude yer salty I scooped ya" but when your wordcount approaches 2500 you may have lost already. If he were American there's no doubt he'd've included THE CONSTITUTION, but went with the rarely successful Born Again Christian Defense--a sympathy smartbomb implying massive instability at best. 
    He's up against Rommel, too. Frank is a beast of this shit. He's seen it all, he knows it all, and he's gonna calmly bury this fool (and his uncomfortably large family) in the desert. As KETB points out above, it looks like Frank's content to let this dude hang himself. No need to point out this cringy cut rate edge lord amateur never sipped a post-orgiac spider venom Mai-Tai in a tropical sunset hammock made from villagers' dreadlocks even once in his community college art school life: he's got a pic of the dude in a Nazi uniform. Bong bong!
    And yes, this shit needs to unfold on The Strut. 

    LOL at the existence of German Vice and the "uncoolste Musik des Planeten" and Reynaldo's Map and a few more things...this has me rethinking my stance on getting rid of daylight savings time, it's been a great use of my fall back bonus hour. Excellent stuff!
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  • hey

    hey Russian botz: get lost!
  • Bicycles

    I've been riding this bonkers thing the past couple weeks:

    It is insane.
    I really can't put it into words.
  • Bicycles

    Sold my trail bike and my DH bike when COVID hit. Bought an eMTB and became lone wolf ebike warrior, accessing far-away and unused trails with the power of electrons. Ended up doing some unbelievable rides, single greatest bike development since bikes themselves. 

    Kids are roasting it on their bikes. 

    Bikes still great!

    Off IG but had to return to Strut to read about the Biz. 

  • World Cup sh*t tawk

    US soccermans absolutely do need to remove theyselfs. As usual.

    Sucks for me they didn't get in, as I imagine the WC coverage the talk the HYPE will be lessened. I love the HYPE! 

    I don't watch MLS but I'll check in with the USMNT every once in a while. I guess I'm part of the problem, right? With only so much time available for sportswatching, I'd rather watch the best in the world.