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  • The Story of Trap Door

    Hey Everybody, This is my first time ever posting on Soul Strut or any where on the internet now that I think about it. Seriously! So why am I posting now. Well I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who peeped or got the Trap Door mix, and share with you some of the Mystery.

    OK, So along long time ago (year 2002) Nate Price and I (being Sean Julian) came up on a huge record score (I mean Huge and I'll have to save that story for another time). But we were sittin' on a gold mine of records we had never seen before. And at this time we were all about finding stuff that wasn't known (or not known by beat heads). Like Psych, Prog, Avant-Garde, Free Jazz, Private Press or anything that looked really wield. When we were going through all of the records we were buggin' out on the Psychadelic music the most. We thought Hey we should make a mix of only this shit.

    So I tryed it once live on the Beta Lounge (you can check it out on the site just search Vinyl Monkeys) and it made my hairs stand up. I remember right after my set the two guys that worked upstairs came down and were like "What The Fuck Was That Shit", and I was like oh did you like it, "Hell Yeah that was one of the dopest mixs yet". I knew right then that this music needed to be heard. So Nate and I along side Drew started working on the first Trap Door. We used only the best stuff, and we wanted no scratching or any pitch shifting. We just wanted the songs to play out because these were song that were tight all the way through and unknown for the most part. So to play along with being psychadelic and experimental, we can up with or own sound collages to help mix the songs together. This mix was defintely a longer mix around 78 minutes and was hand made by us, I think we only made 60 copys. I remember we sold most of them through this site. You guy don't sleep at all. But time went by and nothing really happened. So not too long ago but a while ago, I was hangin out with Chris and he was telling how much he really dug Trap Door and the Name Trap Door. He was like Yo would you and Nate be down to do another mix under Trap Door with me. And We were like "Hell Yes" I mean come on dude.

    So we started meeting up every week. Chris, he's so funny, he would come over with like 8 our 9 records each time, I would think to my self like, that's it I have like 60 records pulled out. But when it came down to his records, he killed it everytime. He just had the most Insane shit. And on top of that nothing I mean nothing was from the states. Every record he brought was from some crazy country like Guam, or Korea. So we knew right then that Chris was going to be the main selector( I mean duh right, although I got two use 3 of my records on this last one, so not too shabby).

    We were stoked though we were going to make an International Funk Psych Mix. Same rules as before no scratches and no pitching. Although for this mix sence it was going to be on vinyl it couldn't be any longer than 40 minutes. So we edited all the songs down so we could fit as many as we could with in that time limit. Now I don't know how the mix sounds to you guys but there is alot going on even though it dosen't seem like it. I remember one of the songs (second to last on the first side) was originally 13 minutes long and Nate got that puppy down to like 3 minutes, and you can't catch a single edit. I guess my story is a little long ran out of room. Hit me up if you want to hear more.