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  • GANG STARR - One Of The Best Yet

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    Christmas came early this year my dudes. Here I am at 46 goddamn years old, posting on Soulstrut about a NEW GANGSTARR ALBUM.

    I love it. I absolutely fucking love it. As soon as I heard Gurus voice, I damn near teared up. Yeah I said it - I damn near teared up. 

    So many memories, so much time since Guru passed, we have all grown & spread out across the globe, & not to get all emotional but on a personal note, 2019 was a rough year. But now, on the other side, the healthy recovery side, with a stent in my heart that saved my life & gave me back the feeling of youth, I got to sit down with my teenage sons and together we listened to a new Gangstarr album. Together. 

    This shit MEANS SOMETHING.

    R.I.P Guru.
    Gang Starr for LIFE.

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  • Does anyone know NZShadow in the real world?


    I'm good, I appreciate the thoughts,  I just finally hit my limit with social media.

    I was beginning to notice some serious addictive behaviour in myself & then I stumbled upon a short video by Cal Newport & I realised that all I had to do was go cold turkey.

    Since deleting my IG I have gone on a bit of a tear researching the effects the 'constant companion' social media business model has had on society & have really come to the conclusion that it added sweet fuck all in value compared to the real cost.

    I could go on a fucking tear about Constant Companion, Surveillance Capitalism, Attention Economy, Pavlovian behavioural training, but I won't.

    Anyway, this is the short vid that opened my eyes:

    And this is an excellent speech by another champion of a better way of doing things:

  • Jordan Peele, Yay or Nay?

    My brother.

    Here's a post-paintball shot from the very early 00s. The aformentioned Nicole Parker shot me point-blank in the thigh after i did a sweet Miami Vice roll straight into the hut she was already hiding in. We were all off our faces. I don't have any memories of Jordan from that day apart from power rolling spliffs in the bus on the way to the paintball place & getting quite fucking stoned on the bus. That man in the foreground is stuff of legend. You have no fucking idea. I saw so many shows with him, Isaac Hayes, P-Funk, Herbie Hancock, he also bum-rushed a Breakestra stage at Amsterdam's Paradiso, grabbed the mic & took on vocal duties. 
    The next day he caught a train to Tilburg i think, to deliver a considerable amount of good vibes to the band as a way of saying sorry.
    nzshadow said:

    Between this and The Mop I can only imagine the stories that you haven't already disclosed online. I'm issuing a blanket invitation, if you're ever in Silicon Valley I will happily buy you a very nice dinner to unlock some of the realheadz knowledge. dollarbin at gmail dot com

  • Jordan Peele, Yay or Nay?

    I used to work with Jordan. He is the epitome of a Good Dude. Back in Amsterdam in the early 00s at an american improv comedy club called Boom Chicago. Jordan was a cast member for a few years, I was a bartender. Jordan smoked more weed than any of us and that was a fuckin accomplishment in itself.
    I have never known anyone to be so fucking electrifyingly funny on stage, and so quiet, humble and almost shy offstage. I spent many a night tending bar while a very stoned Jordan sat at the end quietly keeping me company and drinking water.
    We had a halloween party once and he came dressed a Blade - fucking killer costume.

    All these years later I can't believe that that good dude is where he is at now. He is truly deserving of all the accolades, fame and $$$ that's coming his way. Just a solid dude.

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    I have not dug out a record worth mentioning in almost six months.
    Since moving seven years ago to a small country town I have had droughts but this is starting to wear.
    It's brutal.