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  • 30 years ago today. De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising - Press Kit Video

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  • If a Tree Falls on Soul Strut

    Jimster said:
    SPlDEY said:
    Why should people Soul Strut as opposed to Facebook nowadays?
    Also... As of today I am deleting myself slowly out of fb because I took the time to read this:

    "When the product is free, *you* are the merchandise".

    I've been recently freaked out by fb...

    I thought it was just if I had the fb app or their messenger app on my phone. But it now starting to look like I don't even need it on my phone.

    Want to be freaked out? Login into FB and go to settings and on the left go to Ads and then Ads based on my preferences/Visit ad preferences.

    Start looking through your Interest and also the sections under Advertisers...

    I was pretty sure fb was picking things off the phone mic. Not just things I was taking about with people. But even ads playing off my TV.

    Anyways, the other day I log into fb to check if anything new has shown up after having the apps deleted from my phone and usually there has been nothing, but this time there was. It was Maldives. Which is fucked up because the subject has never come up ever in my convos or anything I've looked up on the net or come across. But a week ago we had friends over who were telling us about their vacation there. Then I realized that my wifes phone was on the table and she has both the fb app & messenger on her phone and I'm pretty sure that because we're tied together on fb as married, it added it to my fb ad preferences.

    This is how everything will be. Your phone, TV, fridge. The mics will pickup audio around and be tied into ads.

    I'm a super huge tech geek. But looking to retire away from technology might be a wise choice.
  • The Strut on Mac Miller

    Not on Miller.

    But I'm convinced this youngin' is the funkiest person on the planet.

  • Redman - 3 Joints


    Between this and Hype Williams vid for GRISELDA's DR BIRDS.

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  • Moderator?

    I like BBQ.

  • The 2019 RIP Thread

    Man, I hate death. 2 giants from my childhood.

    Mean Gene

    And Super Dave/Funkhouser


  • 2016 - The great Boomer Die Off ?