School me on Panton and Supraphon

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i have heard a few things i like on both labels (jazz q, sbb) and was wondering if any of you dudes could school me a bit on funky, psychy or proggy czech records.


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    Not so much a 'schooling,' but I put several Panton and Supraphon tracks on this here mix:

    The stuff on here tends towards the garagier side of beat (particularly with the Czech stuff).

    Here's the tracklist:

    1. Intro (Mascha I Vitra)
    2. Juventus Stuj Obcane
    3. Illes Zenekar Protonok Tanca
    4. Skaldowie Something Should Happen to Us
    5. Breakout Gdybys Kochal, Hej!
    6. Singing Guitars ?
    7. Trubadurzy Krob To Dla Mnie
    8. Skaldowie i Ali Babki Pod Gorke
    9. Bergendy Te Is Jarszneha Tilosban
    10. Illes Nem Akarok
    11. Emil Dimitrov ?
    12. Synkopy 61 Tichej Kout
    13. Blackout Popatrz To Przeciez Ja
    14. Singing Guitars ?
    15. Mahagon Obrazarna
    16. No To Co Po Ten Kwiat Czerwony
    17. Atlantis You Don???t Love Me Any More
    18. Olympic Planetar
    19. Juventus Chram
    20. Synkopy 61 Hul, Nuz a Cop
    21. Lorencova Neodpovim
    22. Ali Babki Pajacyk
    23. Fonograf Lokd Ide a Skrit
    24. Skorpio Igy Szolt Hozzam A Dedapam
    25. Atlantis Nechod Do Klastera

    The Panton and Suprahon tracks are those by Juventus, Synkopy 61, Mahagon, Atlantis,Olympic, and Lorencova.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Czech beat film, the Road That Leads Nowhere, you can check out the full version here:

    (didn't want to embed it, as it is the full movie)

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    thanks squiid!

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    Gustav Brom Orchestra has jams (and terds too).

    Marie Rottrova and Flamingo Group

    "Time is a rogue" on this album is great but I couldn't find a clip of this.

    Mahagon is great.

    Big Band Prague too.

  • I am weaker on the Czech stuff than other east Euro stuff, but I still have a bunch filed and love it.

    Some scattered, incomplete thoughts written in a hurry.

    The beat stuff is quite strong. The Matadors and George & Beatovens records are really nice. Petr Spaleny (he's done stuff with Atlantis) has a record he did with Apollobeat that's pretty underrated that I really dig. It's called "Zvon ????lenc??v" and gets called the East Euro Sgt. Pepper a lot. Lots of beat girls like Eva Pilarova, Hana Ulrichova, Marta Kubisova, too. Olympic started out as a beat band and their LP "Ptak Rosomak" is cool. Later stuff went hard rock, and past the early 70s, I'd stay away, as they became poop, but the early stuff is rad. Marta Kubisova's stuff with the Golden Kids is super rad too. C&K Vocal put out a record called "Generace" that is just awesome, and includes a Czech cover of a long Marek Grechuta & Anawa psych track. It's like... I dunno, vocal prog or something. Hard to describe and really great.

    Radim Hladik and Blue Effekt/Modry Efekt stuff is great, starting out beaty and moving more into proggier/rocking realms.

    Collegium Musicum is more classical-influenced prog, but it's quite great and rocking, and I find it a lot more listenable than a lot of bands from other parts of the world that went that way.

    There was a lot of blue-eyed soul stuff like Framus Five and Marie Rottrova/Flamingo that was nice too. Quite often informed by blues-rock and psych/beat ever so slightly.

    Jazzrock was great too, but I think people covered this already. Jazz-Q, Mahagon, Fermata, Energit and others. There's a great comp called "Jazzrockova Dilna" with a sculpture of a head on a green background that is worth getting.

    It gets deeper, I'm still learning. A record hunting trip into the Czech Republic is due soon. Apologies for lack of Czech diacritics. I am lazy, tired and don't speak Czech.

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    Prudy is another band to look out for (they have several songs featured in the video I posted). Zvonte Zvonky seems to be the record most folks sweat; tends to fetch a decent price. I think it's a decent record with a couple of great tracks (and a few that are far less than great).

    Most of my good Czech stuff is on 45. Panton seemed to release a lot of 10 inches as well.

  • Yes, lots of good Supraphon beat stuff on 45. I see very little of it here, though, so my holdings are feeble... and so is my knowledge. :(

  • Supraphon also did some cool releases of other east European countries' groups. Like the aforementioned SBB record. I have a Sarolta Zalatnay LP with Skorpio backing her on one side and a Czech studio orchestra on the other that's cool, too. There are a bunch more.

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