What's A Break??

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    The songs' breakdown. Predominately drum break, but over time has evolved to include any instrument. Get 2 copies, find the break, double up on that shit.

    After the popular/obvious break has been mined and recylced by many artists, cats have moved on to loops, which isnt an obvious "break" but a part of the song that can be isolated and attached/connected to serve the same function as a "break".

    There's a gang of Traditional Breaks that have been canonized by artists.
    Impeach The President & Mardi Gras & Big Beat are examples.

    Im no expert.

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    Check 81 & 82

    1. to smash, split, or divide into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments: He broke a vase.
    2. to infringe, ignore, or act contrary to (a law, rule, promise, etc.): She broke her promise.
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    6. to destroy or interrupt the regularity, uniformity, continuity, or arrangement of; interrupt: The bleating of a foghorn broke the silence. The troops broke formation.
    7. to put an end to; overcome; stop: His touchdown run broke the tie. She found it hard to break the cigarette habit.
    8. to discover the system, key, method, etc., for decoding or deciphering (a cryptogram), esp. by the methods of cryptanalysis.
    9. to remove a part from (a set or collection): She had to break the set to sell me the two red ones I wanted.
    10. to exchange for or divide into smaller units or components: She broke a dollar bill into change. The prism broke the light into all the colors of the rainbow.
    11. to make a way through; penetrate: The stone broke the surface of the water.
    12. Law. a. to open or force one's way into (a dwelling, store, etc.).
    b. to contest (a will) successfully by judicial action.

    13. to make one's way out of, esp. by force: to break jail.
    14. to better (a given score or record): He never broke 200 in bowling or 80 in golf.
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    17. to rupture (a blood vessel): She almost broke a blood vessel from laughing so hard.
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    22. to dismiss or reduce in rank.
    23. to impair or weaken the power, effect, or intensity of: His arm broke the blow.
    24. to train to obedience; tame: to break a horse.
    25. to train away from a habit or practice (usually fol. by of).
    26. Electricity. to render (a circuit) incomplete; stop the flow of (a current).
    27. Journalism. a. to release (a story) for publication or airing on radio or television: They will break the story tomorrow.
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    28. Pool. to cause (racked billiard balls) to scatter by striking with the cue ball.
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    The songs' breakdown.

    um...there ya go,that explains it.

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    In popular music a break is an instrumental or percussion section or interlude during a song derived from or related to stop-time ??? being a "break" from the main parts of the song or piece.

    In DJ parlance, a break is where all elements of a song (e.g., pads, basslines, vocals), except for percussion, disappear for a time. This is distinguished from a breakdown, a section where the composition is deliberately deconstructed to minimal elements (usually the percussion or rhythm section with the vocal re-introduced over the minimal backing), all other parts having been gradually or suddenly cut out. (Brewster and Broughton 2003, p.79)

    The distinction between breaks and breakdowns may be described as, "Breaks are for the drummer; breakdowns are for hands in the air" (ibid). Breaks are virtuoso solos, while breakdowns are created to structure the music for dancing and creating contrast and climaxes.

    In hip hop and electronica, a short break is also known as "the drop", and is sometimes accented by cutting off everything, even the percussion.

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    DON'T SLEPP!!!!

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    Thanks in advance


    DON'T SLEPP!!!!

    Damn!!! No wonder I can't find that record anywhere in Dallas!!!

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    100 Proof Aged In Soul - Not Enough To Satisfy
    100 Proof Aged In Soul|Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed|1971|Hot Wax|
    10cc SPEED KILLS -Original Album: 10cc
    11 Plus|Live At LWT|1976|RCA|
    24 Carat Black|Ghetto: Misfortunes's Wealth|1973|Enterprise|
    2nd Chapter of acts - The Devil's Lost again
    2nd Chapter of Acts|With Footnotes|1974|Myrrh|
    5th Dimension - Good News
    5th Dimension - Rainmaker
    7th Wonder - Something Beautiful
    AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap RkzexVE0
    AC/DC - Highway To Hell
    Aerosmith - Get Your Wings
    Aerosmith - Walk This Way
    Aerosmith - Women Of The World
    Aerosmith|Get Your Wings|1974|Columbia|
    Afrique - House Of The Rising Funk
    Afrique - Kissing My Love
    Afrique - Slow Motion
    Afrique|Soul Makossa|1973|Mainstream|
    Al Green|I'm Still In Love With You|1972|Hi|
    Al Hirt & Hugo Montenegro - Sneaky Lady
    Al Jarreau - Kissing My Love
    Al Jarreau - Use Me
    Al Jarreau|The Singer||Masters|
    Al Wilson|Show And Tell|1973|Rock Road|
    Alan White Ramshackled|Alan White|1976|Atlantic|
    Alice cooper - public animal #9
    Alice Cooper|School's Out|1972|Warner Bros|
    Allen Toussaint - Fingers And Toes
    "Allen Toussaint - Get out of my life, woman"
    Allman Brothers Band|Beginnings|1973|ATCO|
    Alphonse Mouzon|By All Means|1981|PA Usa|
    Alphonze Mouzon|The Man Incognito|1976|Blue Note|
    "Alvin Cash KEEP ON DANCING, PART 2"
    Ambrosia|Life Beyond L.A.|1978|Warner Bros|
    America SLOW DOWN
    Andrea True Connection - Call Me
    Andrea True Connection - Keep It Up Longer
    Andrew White|Fonk Update|1981|Andrew's Music|
    Ann Alford GOT TO GET ME A JOB
    Anne Murray - Put Your Hand in the Hand
    Anne Murray|Snowbird||Capitol|
    Antonio Carlos Jobim - Fat Cat Strut
    Aposento Alto TE AMO
    April Wine - Say Hello
    April Wine|Harder Faster|1980|Aquarius|
    Area Code 615 STONE FOX CHASE
    Arena LONG ONE
    Argent|S/T|1973|In Deep|
    Arild Andersen Quartet|Green Shading Into Blue|1978|ECM|
    Armando Peraza - Wild Thing
    Art Heatle And His Soulful Men|Soul Sax||Fontanta|
    Artwork|The Real Thing||Artronics|
    Assagai - Akasa
    Assagai - Telephone Girl
    Atomic Rooster - Rock
    Average White Band|Cut The Cake|1975|Atlantic|
    Average White Band|Warmer Communications|1978|Atlantic|
    Awakening - March On
    B.T. Express|Energy To Burn|1976|Columbia|
    B.T. Express|Non Stop|1975|Roadshow|
    Babe Ruth KEEP YOUR DISTANCE -Original Album: Kid's Stuff
    Bad Bascomb - Black Grass Music
    Bad Bascomb - Give The Bass A Taste
    Bad Medicine - Trespasser
    Badder Than Evil - Tell That Man To Go To Hell
    Ballin Jack - Sunday Morning
    Ballin' Jack|S/T|1970|Columbia|
    Bar-Kays - Don't Do That
    Bar-Kays - Give Everybody Some
    Bar-Kays - Knucklehead
    Barry White - My Sweet Summer Suite
    Barry White|I've Got So much To Give|1973|20th Century|
    Bedlam SEVEN LONG YEARS -Original Album: Bedlam ('72)
    Benny Golson - Swinger
    Benny Golson|Killer Joe|1977|Columbia|
    Bernard Purdie THEM CHANGES
    Berry Street Station CHOCOLATE SUGAR
    Bert Sommer|Inside Bert Sommer|1967|Eleuthera Records|
    Bette Midler|The Divine Miss M|1972|Atlantic|
    Betty Wright|Back At You|1983|Epic|
    Bill Black - Turn On Your Love
    Bill Blacks Combo - Cotton Carnival
    Bill Black's Combo|Turn On Your Love Light|1969|London|
    "Bill Cosby - Get out of my life, woman"
    Bill Cosby - I Love Myself Better Than I Love Myself (dope James Brown parody)
    Bill Cosby - Ursalena
    Bill Cosby|Hooray For The Salvation Army Band|1968|Warner Bros|
    Bill Withers - Kissing My love
    Bill Withers|Still Bill|1972|Sussex|
    Billy Clarke BOTH EYES OPEN
    Birtha - Judgement Day
    Black Blood - A.I.E.
    Black Heat ZIMBA KU- Original Album: Keep On Running?
    Black Oak Arkansas - Hot And Nasty
    Black Oak Arkansas - Hot And Nasty Live
    Black Oak Arkansas - Up
    Black Oak Arkansas|S/T|1971|ATCO|
    Black Pearl|Live|1970|Prophesy|
    Black Sabbath|S/T|1970|Warner Bros.|
    Blind Faith|S/T|1969|ATCO|
    Blood Sweat Tears|4|1971|Columbia|
    "Bloomfield, Kooper, & Stills|Super Session|1968|Columbia|"
    Blue Mitchell - Bantu Village
    Blue Mountain Eagle|S/T|1970|ATCO|
    BlueSwede|Out Of The Blue|1974|EMI|
    Bo Diddley - Go For Broke
    Bo Diddley HIT AND MISS
    bo diddley-bad side of the moon
    Bob James - Farandole
    Bob James|Two|1975|CTI|
    Bob McGrath|Sesame Street||Affinity|
    Bob Segar System|Mongrel||Capitol|
    Bobbi Humphrey - Ain't No Sunshine
    Bobbi Humphrey - Don't Knock My Funk
    Bobbi Humphrey|Blacks And Blues|1973|Blue Note|
    Bobby Allen & The Exceptions SOUL CHICKEN
    Bobby Bryant - Earth Dance
    Bobby Byrd - Headquarters
    Bobby G. Griffith|S/T||Celebration| yes
    Bobby Hutcherson RAIN EVERY THURSDAY -Original Album: Natural Illusions
    Bobby Hutcherson|Natural Illusions|1972|Blue Note|
    Bodacious D.F. GOOD FOLKS
    Booker T. & The MG's - Can't Sit Down
    Booker T. & The MGs BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN
    Boris Gardiner - Melting Pot
    Boz Scaggs|Silk Degrees|1976|Columbia|
    Bram Tchaikovy WHISKEY & WINE --Original Album: Motors 1
    Brass Fever|Time Is Running Out|1976|Impulse|
    Brethren - Outside Love
    Brian Auger - Beginning Again
    Brian Auger - Brain Damage
    Brian Auger - Compared To What
    Brian Auger - Compared To What Live
    Brian Auger - Foolish Girl
    Brian Auger - Freedom Jazz Dance
    Brian Auger - Inner City Blues
    Brian Auger - Listen Here
    Brian Auger - Thoughts From Afar
    Brian Auger - Voices Of Other Times
    Brian Auger - When You're Ready Live
    Brian Auger - Whenever You're Ready
    Brian Auger & Oblivion Express - Don't Look Away
    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express|Closer To It!|1973|RCA|
    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express|Happiness Heartaches|1977|Warner Bros.|
    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express|Straight Ahead|1974|RCA|
    Brother Jack McDuff|Do It Now!|1967|Atlantic|
    Bud Shank|Magical Mystery||World Pacific|
    Buddy Miles|We Got To Live Together||Mercury|
    Buddy Rich - Love And Peace
    Buddy Rich - Uncle Albert/Admiral Hasley
    Buddy Rich Big Band|Buddy & Soul|1969|World Pacific|
    Buddy Rich|A Different Drummer|1971|RCA|
    Buddy Rich|Big Band Machine|1975|Groove Merchant|
    "Buddy Rich|Mercy, Mercy||World Pacific|"
    Buddy Rich|Stick It|1972|RCA|
    Bull|This Is Bull|1970|Paramount|
    Butterfield Blues Band MORNING BLUES - Original Album: In My Own Dream
    Butterfield Blues Band: The Boxer
    Byrds - Fido
    Byrds - Jesus Is Just Alright
    C.K. Mann - Funky Hilife
    Cal Tjader - Fresh Air
    Cal Tjader - I Want You Back
    Cal Tjader - Solar Heat
    Candido - Candido's Funk
    Candido - Soulwanco
    Candido - Succulent
    Cannonball Adderley - Domination
    Captain Beyond - I cant feel nothin
    Captain Beyond|S/T|1972|Capricorn|
    Captain Freak & The Lunacycle Band WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SUPERMAN?
    Carl Carlton|S/T|1980|20th century|
    "Carlos ""Sherlock"" Holmes BLACK BAG"
    Carlos Santana|Oneness|1979|Columbia|
    Cash McCall OMEGA MAN
    Cecil Holmes & The Soulful Sounds 2001/ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA -Original Album: Black Motion Picture Experience
    Charles Earland - Betty's Dilemma
    Charles Earland|Black Talk!|19 69|Prestige|
    Charles Earland|Soul Story|1971|Prestige|
    Charles Kynard - It's Too Late
    Charles Kynard SWEETHEART
    Charles Kynard|S/T|1971|Mainstream|
    Charles Mann - Do It Again
    Charles Wright - Soul Train
    Charlie Brown - Love The One Your With
    Charlie Whitehead - Let's Do It Again
    Chicago - Skinny boy
    Chico Hamilton|Peregrinations|1975|Blue Note|
    Chris Hazel/Moses Magic Box (one of my favorites)
    Chris Youlden|Nowhere Road|1973|London|
    Christine McVie|The Legendary Christine Perfect Album|1976|Sire|
    Chuck Carbo CAN I BE YOUR SQUEEZE?
    Chuck Jackson - I Like Everything About You
    Chuck Jackson - Through All Times
    Classics IV|Mamas and Papas Soul Train|1969|Imperial|
    Climax Blues Band MOLE ON THE DOLE -Original Album: Rich Man
    Climax Blues Band|Rich Man|1972|Sire|
    Clyde McPhatter MIXED UP CUP
    Cock A Doodle Doo & Mother Goose Too|S/T|1973|Recar|
    Cock A Doodle Doo & Mother Goose|118 Children's Classics|1973|Telecast|
    Coe Jazz Band|'74 to '76|1976|Audio House|
    Coke Escovedo|Coke|1975|Mercury|
    Cold Blood - Kissing My Love
    Cold Blood|Lydia|1974|Warner Bros|
    Cold Grits - It's Your Thing
    Coldblood|Sisyphus|1970|San Francisco|
    Colosseum|The Grass Is Greener|1970|Dunhill|
    Commodores|Machine Gun|1974|Motown|
    Compost - Buzzard Feathers
    Compost - Restless Wave
    Cozy Powell/And then there was skin.
    Creative Source|Migration|1974|Sussex|
    Creedence Clearwater Revival|Willy And The Poor Boys|1969|Fantasy|
    crusaders- free as the wind
    Curtis Mayfield - Short Eyes
    Curtis Mayfield|S/T|1970|Curtom|
    Curtis Mayfield|Sweet Exorcist|1974|Curtom|
    D.J. Rogers|It's Good To Be Alive|1975|RCA|
    Dalton & Dubarri|Success & Failure|1976|ABC|
    Dave & Sugar|S/T|1976|RCA|
    Dave Brubeck|Two Generations Of Brubeck|1973|Atlantic|
    Dave Cortez/Happy soul (with a hook)
    Dave Grusin - Keep Your Eyes On The Sparrow
    Dave Grusin Lee Ritenour|Harlequin|1985|GRP|
    Dave Schnitter|Invitation|1976|Muse|
    David Bowie - Five Years
    David Bowie - Soul Love
    David Bowie JOIN THE GANG
    David Bromberg SHARON - Original Album: Demon In Disguise?
    David Clayton - Thomas|S/T|1972|CBS|
    David Gates|Goodbye Girl|1978|Elektra|
    David McCallum - House of Mirrors
    David McCallum|Music: A Bit More Of Me||Capitol|
    David Newman|Mr. Fathead|1976|Warner Bros.|
    Deep Purple - Fireball
    Deep Purple - Living Wreck
    Deep Purple|In Rock|1970|Warner Bros|
    Dells SWEET AS FUNK CAN BE - Original Album: Sweet As Funk Can Be
    Dennis Coffey - El Tigre
    Dennis Coffey - Getting It On 75
    Dennis Coffey - If You Can't Dance
    "Dennis Coffey - Ride, Sally Ride"
    Dennis Coffey - Scorpio
    Dennis Coffey - Some Like It Hot
    Dennis Robinson HARD TO HANDLE
    Denny Zeitlin Trio|S/T|1988|Windham Hill|
    deodato- september 13th
    deodato- west 42nd street
    Derek & The Dominos (in concert)/Why does love got to be so sad
    Dexter Wansel|Life On Mars|1976|CBS|
    Dexter Wansel|Voyager|1978|CBS|
    Dick Hyman: Give it up or Turnit Loose
    Dick Schory|Carnergie Hall|1970|Ovation|
    "Dino, Desi, And Billy|Our Times Coming||Reprise|"
    Dobie Gray|Drift Away|1973|MCA|
    "Dog Soldier THIEVES & ROBBERS, PILLAR TO POST -Original Album: Dog Soldier"
    Don Campbell CAMPBELL LOCK
    Don Ellis - Mercy maybe mercy
    Don Ellis|Tears Of Joy|1971|Columbia|
    Donald Byrd & Booker Little - Call To Arms
    Donald Byrd & Booker Little - Chasing The Bird
    Donald Byrd|Places And Spaces|1975|Blue Note|
    donald byrd-you and the music
    Donny Hathaway - Magnificent Sanctuary Band
    Doors - Five To One
    Duke Williams CHINESE CHICKEN
    Duralcha - Ghet-to Funk
    Dyke And The Blazers - Funky Broadway
    Earnest Jackson - Love and Happiness
    Eclipse|Night And Day|1977|Casablanca|
    Eddie Harris|Live At Newport|1970|Atlantic|
    eddie henderson- the kumquat kids
    Eddie Henderson|Sunburst|1975|Blue Note|
    Edgar Broughton Band - Boy soldier
    Edgar Winters - When It Comes
    electric concept orchestra-grazing in the grass
    electric concept orchestra-rock me
    Elephant's Memory - Mongoose
    Elijah|S/T|1972|United Artists|
    Ella Fitzgerald - Alright
    Elvis Presely - Put Your Hand in the Hand
    Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation
    Elvis|His Songs Of Inspiration|1977|RCA|
    Emerson Lake & palmer - When the apple blossoms bloom in the windmills of your mind ill be
    Emerson Lake & Palmer|Works|1977|Atlantic|
    Enoch Light - Spinning Wheel
    Ernie & The Top Notes DAP WALK
    Ernie Wilkins - Spoonful
    Ernie Wilkins|Hard Mother Blues||Mainstream|
    Esquires Now THINK
    Esso Steel Band - Don't Rock The Boat
    Esther Satterfield|Once I loved...|1976|Sagoma|
    Etta James - Out On The Street Again
    Etta James|Come A Little Closer|1974|Chess|
    Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed GETTIN' DOWN
    Everyday People - I Like What I Like
    Fancy FEEL GOOD -Original Album: Wild Thing
    Fat Mattress - people
    Fat Mattress|S/T|1969|ATCO|
    Fatback Band - Feed Me Your Love
    Fatback Band - Going To See My Baby
    Fatback Band - Let The Drum Speak
    Fausto Papetti LOVE'S THEME
    Fireballs - Get Out Of My Life Woman
    Flash|In The Can|1972|Sovereign|
    Fleetwood Mac - Prove your love
    Fleetwood Mac|Mystery To Me|1973|Reprise|
    Frank Zappa - Apostrophe
    Frank Zappa - Apostrophe
    Frank Zappa - Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? (live)
    "Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia (short little intro fill thing, and a great song)"
    Franklin Titus Thompson III|Brave And Strong Survive|1982|Selah Sound|
    Fred Hughes - Baby Boy
    fred wesley-four play
    Freddi/Henchi and the soulsetters - Mr. Goodtime
    Freddie Hubbard|The Baddest Hubbard|1975|CTI|
    Freddy Cannon|Action|1965|Warner Bros|
    Free|Fire And Water|1970|A&M|
    Fresh Out Of Borstal - Borstal
    Fresh Out Of Borstal - See You Later
    Fresh/Whatever happend to rock and roll
    Funk Inc. - Bowlegs
    Funk Inc. - Kool Is Back
    Funk Inc. - Where Are We Going
    Funk Inc. - Where Are We Going
    Funk Inc.|Chicken Lickin'|1972|Prestige|
    Funkadelic|Greatest Hits|1975|Westbound|
    Fuqain & Le Biq Bazar|En Spectacle au Quebec|1974|BBZ|
    Gap Mangione|Sing Along Junk|1972|Mercury|
    Gary Bartz - Dr. Follow's Dance
    Gary Bartz - Sing Me A Song Today
    Gary Burton - Leroy The Magician
    Gary Burton|Good Vibes|1970|Atlantic|
    Gary Mac And The Mac Truque - Cold Sweat
    Gary Numan FILMS
    Gary Wofsey|Mel|1979|Gary Wofsey|
    Gene Ammons - Big Bad Jug
    Gene Ammons|Big Bad Jug|1973|Prestige|
    Gene Ammons|Brasswind|1974|Prestige|
    George Benson|Body Talk||CTI|
    George Benson|Erotic Moods|1978|Paul Winley|
    George Benson|The George Benson Cookbook||Columbia|
    George Duke - Capricorn
    George Duke - Opening
    George Semper - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
    George Semper - Shortnin Bread
    George Semper GET OUT OF MY LIFE WOMAN -Original Album: Makin' Waves
    George Shearing|The Way We Are|1974|MPS|
    Giant|What's In This Life...|1970|Mercury|
    Gil Evans - Gypsey Eyes
    Giorgio - Lord Release
    Gladys Knight & The Pips WHO IS SHE (AND WHAT IS SHE TO YOU)? Original Album: Neither One of us
    Gladys Knight & The Pips|Neither One Of Us|1973|Motown|
    Glitterhouse - Lost me a friend
    Goldie Zelkowitz|S/T|1974|Janus|
    Grady Tate BE BLACK BABY
    "Graham Central Station JAM, THE"
    Grover Washington Jr.|Feels So Good|1975|Kudu|
    Gwen McCrae - At Bedtime
    Gwen McCrae - Feel So Good
    Gwen McCrae - Funky Sensation
    Gwen McCrae - Movement
    Hank Crawford|Tico Rico|1977|Kudu|
    Hard Stuff/Spiders web
    Harold Mabern I WANT YOU BACK -Original Album: Greasy Kid Stuff!
    Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes|To Be True|1975|CBS|
    Harry Nilsson -RAINMAKER -Original Album: Harry ('69)
    Harry Nilsson|Harry|1969|RCA|
    Harvey Andrews & Graham Cooper/Targets
    Harvey Mandel - Baby Batter
    Harvey Mandel - Midnight Sun
    Harvey Mandel|Best Of|1975|Janus|
    Harvey Mason CRUSH -Original Album: Ratamacue
    Harvey Mason|Funk In A Mason Jar|1977|Arista|
    Heinz Gunther|Songs & Spirituals|1973|Polydor|
    Henry Mancini - Kojak
    Henry Mancini - Police Woman
    Henry Mancini|Cop Show Themes|1976|RCA|
    Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass|Foursider||A&M|
    Herbie Hancock|Thrust|1974|Columbia|
    Herbie Mann|The Evolution Of Man|1972|Atlantic|
    Herbie Mann|Waterbed|1975|Atlantic|
    Hiddden Cost - Bo Did It
    Hidden Cost - Vibrations
    High Voltage|S/T|1972|Columbia|
    Hilton Felton BE BOP BOOGIE
    Honeytree|The Way I Feel|1974|Myrrh|
    Hookfoot - Is Anyone There
    Houston Person|Harmony|1977|Mercury|
    HP Barnum - Run For Daylight (45)
    Hubert Laws - School's Out
    Hugh Brodie CORN BREAD & BEANS
    Hugo Montenegro|Colours Of Love|1970|RCA|
    Humble Pie/Rumble with Ali
    Humble Pie|Thunderbox|1974|A&M|
    Hurricane Smith|S/T|1972|Capitol|
    Hydra|Land Of Money|1975|Capricorn|
    "I Gres HOT DOG -Original Album: I Gres: Exotic Themes For Film, Radio, And TV"
    Idris Muhammad - Sudan
    Idris Muhammad - Theme From New York City
    Ike & Tine Turner|Come Together||Liberty|
    In One Peace - In One Peace
    Infinite McCoys|S/T|1971|Mercury|
    Iron Butterfly - GOOMLW
    Iron Butterfly|Heavy|1968|ATCO|
    Iron Butterfly|In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida|1968|ATCO|
    Iron Butterfly|Metamorphosis|1970|ATCO|
    Isaac Hayes|Joy|1973|Stax|
    Isley Brothers FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK
    Issac Hayes - Joy
    Jack DeJohnette - Epilog
    Jack McDuff - Honk O Funk
    Jack McDuff - With The Wind
    Jack Trombey ROCK BED 1
    Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers SEARCHIN' FOR SOUL
    Jakob Magnusson - Bop Along
    James Gang|Rides Again|1970|Dunhill|
    James Mason FUNNY GIRL
    James Moody - New Spirit
    James Moody - Teachers
    James Moody - Unchained
    James Taylor & The Original Flying Machine KNOCKING 'ROUND THE ZOO
    James Taylor|And The Original Flying Machine|1967|Euphoria|
    James Vincent|Culmination|1974|Columbia|
    Janis Joplin|I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama|1969|Columbia|
    Jay Berliner - Getting The Message
    Jeff Afdem & Springfield Flute|S/T||Burdette|
    Jeff Beck|Wired|1976|CBS|
    Jefferson Starship ROCK MUSIC
    Jeremy Steig - Alias
    Jeremy Steig - Down The Stretch
    Jeremy Steig - First Time I Saw You Babby
    Jeremy Steig - Goose Bumps
    Jeremy Steig - Mac D
    Jeremy Steig|Firefly|1977|CTI|
    Jerry Butler|Sweet Sixteen|1974|Mercury|
    jerry butler-you can fly now
    Jesse Johnson I'M KICKIN' THE HABIT
    Jimi Hendrix - Day Tripper
    Jimi Hendrix - Let The God Sing
    Jimi Hendrix - Lime Lime
    Jimi Hendrix - Little Miss Lover
    Jimi Hendrix - Oddball
    Jimi Hendrix - Something You Got
    Jimi Hendrix - Sweet Thang
    "Jimmy ""Bo"" Horne|Dance Across The Floor|1978|Sunshine|"
    Jimmy Gordon|Hog Fat||Flying Dutchman|
    Jimmy Hendrix & Curtis Knight - Simon Says
    "Jimmy McGriff BIRD WAVE, THE Original Album: Electric Funk"
    Jimmy McGriff|The Worm|1968|SolidState|
    Jimmy Smith - Blues 3 + 1
    Jimmy Smith - Lolita
    Jimmy Smith - Number One
    Jimmy Smith|Monster||Verve|
    Jimmy Smith|Sit On It|1977|Polygram|
    Jiro Inagaki - Blockbuster
    "Jiro Inagaki - Theme From ""Starsky & Hutch"""
    JJ Johnson - Parade Strut
    JJ Johnson - Willie Chase
    Jo Jo Gunne|So... Where's Show|1974|Asylum|
    Joan Baez - Put your hand in the had
    Joan Baez|Blessed Are...||Vanguard|
    Joao Donato and Eumir Deodato - Nightripper
    Joe Bauer|Moonset|1971|Warner Bros|
    Joe Droukas|Shadowboxing|1975|Southwind|
    Joe Farrell|Outback|1971|CTI|
    Joe Farrell|Upon This Rock|1974|CTI|
    Joe Hicks - Team
    Joe Thomas|Get In The Wind|1978|Inner City|
    Joe Thomas|Masada|1975|Groove Merchant|
    Joe Walsh - Funk #49
    Joey Gregorash|North Country Funk|1971|Polydor|
    John Entwistle|Smash Your Head Against The Wall|1971|MCA|
    "John Schroeder GET YOUR OWN ,GET OUT OF MY LIFE WOMAN-Original Album: Working In A Soul Mine"
    John Sebastian|The Four Of Us|1971|Reprise|
    John Tirabasso|Diamond Cufflinks & Mink|1978|Dobre|
    John Travolta|S/T|1976|RCA|
    John Williams|The Height Below|1973|Cube|
    Johnny Frigo Sextet SCORPIO
    Johnny Guitar Watson|A Real Mother For Ya|1977|This Record Co.|
    Johnny Guitar Watson|Ain't That A Bitch|1976|DJM|
    Johnny Hammond FANTASY
    Johnny Holiday TORMENTED
    Johnny Huston IF YOU WANT ME TO STAY
    Johnny Jenkins I WALK ON GILDED SPLINTERS -Original Album: Ton Ton Macoute
    Johnny Lytle - Agapee/Polemos
    "Johnny Lytle - Baby, You Make Me Feel So Good"
    Johnny Otis - Watts Breakaway
    Johnny Rivers|Blue Suede Shoes|1973|United Artists|
    Johnny Winter/Fast Life Rider
    Joy Of Cooking|Closer To The Ground|1969|Capitol|
    Joy Unlimited CONTACTS
    Joy Unlimited|Butterflies|1872|BASF|
    JSD Band/Cuckoo (top tune)
    JSD Band/Green Fields of america
    Juicy Lucy|Get A Whiff A This|1971|ATCO|
    Julius Brockington - Do Your Thing
    Kazimierz Lux/Miss Franklin' Blues
    KC & the sunshine band - Let it go (part 2)
    Kelly & The Soul Explosion GOT A GIG ON MY BACK
    Ken McIntyre Sextet|Introducing The Vibrations|1977|Inner City|
    Ken Munson - Super Flute
    Kenny Barron - Swamp Demon
    Kenny Burrell - Burning Spear
    Kenny Burrell - See See Rider
    "Kenny Rogers & The First Edition|Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town||Reprise|"
    Kenny Rogers: You Turn the Light On
    King Tutt & The Untouchables KEEP ON JUKIN'
    King's Road|Super Hits||Pickwick|
    Kiss TORPEDO GIRL -Original Album: Unmasked
    Kool & The Gang ELECTRIC FROG PART 1 Original Album: Message In The Music
    Kool & The Gang GIVE IT UP
    Kool & The Gang N.T. Original Album: Live At P.J.'s
    Kool & The Gang PNEUMONIA
    Kool & The Gang|Spirit Of The Boogie|1975|De-lite|
    krzysztof sadowski- suita trzy tysiace(ooooohh)
    LA 4|Scores|1975|Concord|
    La Clave|S/T|1973|Verve|
    Labelle - Moon Shadow
    "Landlord & The Tennants SAGITTARIUS, PART 1"
    Larry Coryell - Funky Waltz
    Larry Coryell|Lady Coryell|1969|Vanguard|
    Laura Lee - If I'm Good Enough To Love
    Law|Breakin' It|1977|MCA|
    Led Zeppelin - The Crunge
    Lee Dorsey - Get Out Of My Life Woman
    Lee Dorsey - Occapella
    "Lee Dorsey LOVER WAS BORN, A"
    Lee Michaels - Dont Want no Woman
    Lee Michaels - Heighty Hi (live version)
    Lee Michaels|S/T|1969|A&M|
    Leo Muller|12 Top Hits|||
    Leroy Hutson - TIme Brings On A Change
    Les Baxter - Hogin Machine
    Les Crane|Desiderata|1971|Warne r Bros|
    Les McCann - Carry On
    Les McCann - Cochise
    Les McCann - Hey Heroy
    Les McCann NORTH CAROLINA -Original Album: Talk To The People?
    Les McCann|Invitation To Openness|1972|Atlantic|
    Les Mccann|Talk To The People|1972|Atlantic|
    Liberace - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
    Lightnin Red - America
    Lightnin Rod - Sport
    Limousine RAISE YOUR VOICE
    Lincoln Mayorga|Volume III|1974|Sheffield Lab|
    Little Feat FOOL YOURSELF -Original Album: Conversations With The Silhouettes
    Little Feat|Dixie Chicken|1973|Warner Bros|
    Little Feat|S/T|1971|Warner Bros|
    Little Feat|The Last Record Album|1975|Warner Bros|
    Little Richard - Dancing In The Street
    Little Sonny - Hung Up
    Little Sonny MEMPHIS BK (INSTRUMENTAL) -Original Album: Black & Blue
    living jazz-eleanor rigby
    Living Percussion|The Beat Goes On||RCA|
    Lonnie Liston Smith|Visions of a New World|1975|Flying Dutchman|
    Lonnie Smith - Call Of The Wild
    Lonnie Smith - Lean Meat
    Lonnie Smith - Straight To The Point
    Lorraine Jackson TAKE IT WHERE YOU FOUND IT
    Lou Donaldson|Mr. Shingaling|1967|Blue Note|
    Louie Bellson ODE TO BILLY JOE
    Louise Freeman - I Can Do It
    Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band - Once You Get Started
    Love DOGGONE - Original Album: Out Here
    Lowrell - Out Of Breath
    Lowrell - Overdoes
    LTG Exchange - Corazon
    Luis Gasca|Collage|1976|Fantasy|
    Lynn Anderson|The World Of||Union|
    Magic Disco Machine - Jumbo Sam
    Magic Disco Machine - Trying To Get Over
    Mahavishnu Orchestra PLANETARY CITIZEN
    Mahavishnu Orchestra|Apocalypse|1974|CBS|
    Mahogany Rush|Strange Universe|1975|20th Century|
    Mandrill - Git It All
    Manu Dibango - Asinus Asinum Fricat
    Mark Colby|Serpentine Fire|1978|Tappen Zee|
    Marty Paich Big Band|What's New|1982|Discovery|
    Mason Williams - All The Time
    Mason Williams - Dylan Thomas
    Mason Williams|The Mason Williams Phonograph Record|1968|Warner Bros|
    Max Roach|M'Boom|1980|Columbia|
    Mel Brown - African Sweet
    Mel Brown - Swamp Fever
    Melvin Sparks - Get ya Some
    Melvin Van Peebles - Lilly Done The Zampoughi Everytime I Pulled Her
    Merrilee Rush|Angel Of The Morning|1968|Bell|
    Mflame - Nuku Penda
    Miami - Check Yellow
    Michael Carvin|The Camel|1975|Inner City|
    Michael Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine
    Michael Jackson|Got To Be There|1971|Motown|
    Michael Legair HUSTLE ON DOWN
    Michael Longo|Funkia||Groove Merchant|
    Michael White - Spaceslide
    Michal Urbaniak/Seresta (live)
    Midnight Movers Unltd - Put Your Mind In Your Pocket
    Mike James Kirkland LOVE INSURANCE --Original Album: Doin' It Right
    Miles Davis - Spanish Key
    Miles Davis|Bitches Brew|1974|Columbia|
    Milt Jackson - Bags And Strings
    Mind Garage|S/T|1969|RCA|
    Miroslav Vitous - Aim Your Eye
    Mirror Image|Songs Of The Eagles||Pickwick|
    moe koffman- rocks
    Moe Koffman|Museum Pieces|1978|Janus|
    Moments - Sexy Mama
    Mongo Santamaria - Cold Sweat
    Mongo Santamaria - Crazy Legs
    Mongo Santamaria - Highty-Hi
    Mongo Santamaria|Mongo At Montreux|1971|Atlantic|
    Monk Higgins ONE MAN BAND PLAYS ALL ALONE Original Album: Dance to the Disco Sax (Buddah 1974)
    Monkees - Mary Mary
    Monkees|More Of The|1967|Colgems|
    Montrose|S/T|1973|Warner Bros.|
    Monty Alexander - Lay It On Me
    Motherlode - Hard Life
    Motherlode - Soft Shell
    Motherlode|When I Die|1969|Buddah|
    Mount Rushmore - Toe Jam
    Mountain LONG RED
    Mountain: Satisfaction
    Muddy Waters - I Just Want To Make Love
    Muddy Waters - I'm A Man
    Mutzie - the light of your shadow
    Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea
    "Neil Merryweather, John Richardson...|S/T||Kent|"
    New Birth - Do The Funky Chicken
    New Birth KEEP ON DOIN' IT
    New Heavenly Blue - Coming Of The Rhino
    New Heavenly Blue NEW HEAVENLY BLUE - Original Album: Educated Homegrown
    Nicky Hopkins|The Tin Man Was A Dreamer|1973|Columbia|
    Night Train MAKING TRACKS
    Nolan - Somebody's Cryin
    Northern Lights|Summer 71'|1971|Columbia|
    Nu People - I'd Be Nowhere Today
    Nucleus|Snakehips Etcetera|1975|Sire|
    Nutshell|Begin Again|1978|Word|
    Ocean - Put Your Hand In The Hand
    Ocean|Put Your Hand In The Hand|1971|Kama Sutra|
    Odetta - Hit Or Miss
    Ohio Players|Skin Tight|1974|Mercury|
    Olympic Runners - (There's A) Freeze On Funk
    Olympic Runners - Kool Gent
    Olympic Runners - Out Of The Ground
    Olympic Runners - Sproutin Out
    One G Plus Three - Poquito Soul
    Open Sky|S/T|1973|P.M.|
    Os Carbonos/O cabecao
    "Oscar Brown, Jr. - First Lady"
    "Oscar Brown, Jr. - Walk Away"
    Panic Button - Lovin Horns
    Parliaments - Good Old Music
    Passport - Connexion
    Passport - Hand Made
    Passport - Puzzle
    Pat Rebillot|Free Fall|1974|Atlantic|
    Pat Williams|Threshold|1973|Capitol|
    Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You
    "Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg FLOWERS OF THE NIGHT -Original Album: Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun"
    Paul Mariat|El Condor Pasa||Philips|
    Paul McCartney MOMMA MISS AMERICA Original Album: McCartney/Cherries
    "Paul McCartney OH WOMAN, OH WHY Original Album: Wild Life ('71)"
    Paul McCartney|S/T|1970|Apple|
    Peter Duchin - At Will
    Peter Duchin|Windmills Of Your Mind||Decca|
    Peter McCann|S/T|1977|Century|
    Phil Flowers|Our Man In Washington|1968|Dot|
    "Phillip Upchruch|Darkness, Darkness|1972|Blue Thumb|"
    Phoenix Authority - Honky Tonk Women
    Phoenix Authority - Spinning Wheel
    Phoenix Authority - Susie Q
    Pieces Of A Dream|We Are One|1981|Elektra|
    Pigmeat Markham - Here Comes the Judge
    pleasure-bouncy lady
    Pop Singers And Orchestra - 6 Million Dollar Man
    Pop Singers And Orchestra - Hawaii Five-O
    Pop Singers And Orchestra - Police Woman
    Port Authority|S/T||Navy|
    Potliquor RED STICK - Original Album: Potliquor
    "Power of Zeus SORCERER OF ISIS, THE -Original Album: Gospel According to Zeus,"
    Pretty Purdie - Soul Drums
    Procal Harum|Whiter Shade Of Pale|1973|A&M|
    Procol Harum - Repent Walpugis
    Procol Harum - She wandered through the garden fence
    "PUGH-???LOVE, LOVE, LOVE???"
    "Q65 - Get out of my life, woman"
    Rahsaan Roland Kirk|Boogie-Woogie String Along For Real|1978|Warner Bros|
    ralph carmichael-rumble
    Ralph Towner - Piscean Dance
    Ralph Towner - Sands
    Ralph Towner|Solstice|1974|ECM|
    Ramsey Lewis - Jade east
    Ramsey Lewis - Mighty Quinn
    Ramsey Lewis - Them Changes
    Ramsey Lewis BACK IN THE USSR
    Ramsey Lewis|Another Voyage|1969|Cadet|
    Ramsey Lewis|Inside|1972|Cadet|
    Ramsey Lewis|Maiden Voyage|1968|Cadet|
    Ramsey Lewis|Mother Nature's Son|1968|Cadet|
    Ramsey Lewis|Salongo|1976|Columbia|
    Ramsey Lewis|Solar Wind|1974|Columbia|
    Ramsey Lewis|Sun Goddess|1974|CBS|
    Ramsey Lewis|Them Changes|1970|Cadet|
    Rance Allen - Hot Line To Jesus
    Randy Matthews|All I Am Is What You See|1971|Myrrh|
    Randy Pie|Kitch|1975|Polydor|
    Rare Earth - Get Ready
    Rare Earth - Keeping Me Out Of The Storm
    Rare Earth I JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE -Original Album: One World ('71)
    Rare Earth|Get Ready|1969|Rare Earth|
    Rare Earth|One World|1971|Rare Earth|
    Rare Earth|Willie Remembers|1972|Rare Earth|
    Rasputin Stash - Devil Made Me Do It
    Ray Brya nt|Up Above The Rock|1968|Cadet|
    Ray Charles - Never Ending Song of Love
    "Red, White & Blues Image IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME"
    Reverie|Watch The Skies|1986|Ear|
    Rhythm Addicts SCORPIO
    Rimshots - Dance Girl
    Rinaldo & Sons|Jazz... Is A Four Letter Word|1975|J&J|
    Ripple - Willie Pass The Water
    river city street band-lamp of love
    Robin Kenyatta|Encourage The People|1976|Wolf|
    Robin Kenyatta|Stompin' At The Savoy|1974|Atlantic|
    Roger Daltrey/Proud
    Roland Haynes - Second Wave
    Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women
    Rolling Stones|Jamming With Edward|1972|Rolling Stones|
    ronald stein-pigs go home
    Rotary Connection LIFE COULD -Original Album: Aladdin
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity BOOGIE BACK
    Roy Ayers|Change Up The Groove|1974|Polydor|
    Roy Ayers|Mystic Voyage|1975|Polydor|
    Roy Ayers|Vibrations|1976|Polydor|
    Roy Head - She's About A Mover
    Roy Porter PARTY TIME
    Roy Porter|In A Groove||Vinsone|
    "Rufus, feat. Chaka Kahn DANCE WIT ME"
    Rupert Holmes|Partners In Crime|1979|Infinity|
    Rusty Bryant - Fire Eater
    Rusty Bryant - Lou-Lou
    Rusty Bryant - Mister S
    Ruth Copeland SUBURBAN FAMILY LAMENT -Original Album: I Am What I Am
    Ryo Kawasaki - Raisins
    Sadistic Mika Band/Silver Child (this break it HOT)
    Salt - Hung Up
    Sam Shabrin - Leroy
    Sandra Sa|S/T||RGE|
    Sandy Nelson - My Own Thing
    Sandy Nelson - Mystery Boogaloo
    sandy nelson- day train
    Sandy Nelson|Boogaloo Beat||Imperial|
    Sandy Nelson|Cheetah Beat|1967|Imperial|
    Sandy Nelson|Let There Be Drums||Imperial|
    Savoy Brown|Street Corner Talking|1971|London|
    Savoy Brown|Street Corner Talking|1971|London|
    Shadows of Knight - Shake
    Shelly Fisher - I'll Leave you Girl
    Sherman Hayes - Keepin to the backroads
    Shirley Scott - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
    Shirley Scott - Hanky's Panky
    Shirley Scott - Lady Madonna
    Shirley Scott - Last Tango In Paris
    Shirley Scott - Lean On Me
    Shirley Scott|Soul Song|1969|Atlantic|
    Shuggie Otis - Oxford Gray
    Sight Unseen ONE MORE THING
    Simon Sound DRUMS AWAY
    Simtec & Wylie - Bootleggin
    Sir Guy and the Rocking Cavaliers - Funky Virginia
    Sir John Roberts DO YOU BELIEVE IN FATE?
    "Sir Paul ""Raggedy"" Flagg PAPA MOMMA ROMPER STOMPER - Original Album: Single (with ""Shoo Fly Pie"")"
    Sly & the family stone - are you ready
    Sly & The Family Stone - Brave & Strong
    Sly & the family stone - Sing a simple song
    Sly & the family stone - you can make it if you try
    Sly and the Family Stone -Dance to the Music
    Sly And The Family Stone|Greatest Hits|1970|Epic|
    Sly And The Family Stone|Stand!|1969|Epic|
    "Sly Stone ROCK DIRGE -Original Album: Sly Stone, Recorded in San Francisco, 1964-1967"
    Sly Stone|S/T|1967|Sculpture|
    Smokey Brooks SPIN IT JIG
    Smokey Robinson IF YOU CAN WAIT
    "Solomon Burke - Get out of my life, woman"
    Solomon Burke - I Got To Tell It
    Sonny & Cher - Hey Jude
    Sonny & The Sunglows|Jamboree|1981|Sunglows Records|
    Sonny Criss|Warm & Sonny|1976|Impulse|
    Sonny Phillips - Proud Mary
    Sonny Rollins|Horn Culture|1973|Milestone|
    Sonny Stitt - Them Funky Changes
    Sonny Stitt|Mellow|1975|Muse|
    Sons Of Champlin|Loosen Up Naturally|1969|Capitol|
    Sons Of Champlin|Loving Is Why|1977|Ariola-America|
    Soul Searchers - 1993
    Soul Searchers - 1999
    Soul Searchers - Soul To The People
    Soul Searchers - We The People
    Soul Tornadoes CRAZY LEGS
    Soulful Strings - Jingle Bells
    Soulful Strings - Paint It Black
    Sound Experience DEVIL WITH THE BUST
    Sound Foundation|S/T||Smobro|
    Sounds Of Sunshine - Put Your Hand In The Hand
    Southside Movement - Save The World
    Spinners - Heaven On Earth
    Spirit|The Family That Plays Together|1968|Ode|
    Spittin' Image JB'S LATIN
    Spooky Tooth WAITIN' FOR THE WIND
    Spooky Tooth|2|1972|A&M|
    St. Clair Pinckney FROM THE HEAD -Original Album: Private Stock
    Stairsteps|2nd Resurrection|1976|Dark Horse|
    Stan Kenton - Colored Spade
    Stanley Clarke|School Days|1976|Nemperor|
    Stanley Turrentine|Cherry|1972|CTI|
    Steam - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
    Steely Dan|Katy Lied|1975|ABC|
    Steppenwolf - jupiter's child
    Steppenwolf|Greatest Hits|1972|Dunhill|
    Steve Arrington - Nobody Can Be You
    Steve Arrington - Speak With Your Body
    Steve Arrington|Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame|1983|Atlantic|
    Steve Colt DYNAMITE
    Steve Grossman ZULU STOMP - Original Album: Some Shapes To Come
    Steve Miller Band|Book Of Dreams|1977|Capitol|
    Steve Miller Band|Fly Like An Eagle|1976|Capitol|
    Stevie Wonder|Talking Book|1972|Motown|
    Street Christians|It's Been A Long Time A' Comin'||Pickwick|
    Sweet Thursday GILBERT STREET
    Sweet Thursday|S/T||Great Western Gramophone|
    Syl Johnson - Ode To Soul Man
    T. Rex|Electric Warrior|1971|Reprise|
    T.S.U. Toronardoes - Getting The Corners
    T-Connection GROOVE TO GET DOWN
    "Teegarden & Van winkle - God, Love and Rock & roll"
    Temptations - Aint no sunshine
    Temptations - What it is
    Terje Rypdal|Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away|1974|ECM|
    Terry Veazey|Jesus Made Me Higher||Rainbow|
    "The 5th Dimension|Love's Lines, Angles, & Rhymes|1971|Bell|"
    The 5th Dimension|Stone Soul Picnic|1968|Soul City|
    The Alwyn Wall Band|The Prize|1977|Myrrh|
    The Apollo Stars|Power Of Source|1974|L. Ron Hubbard|
    The Blackbyrds|Action|1977|Fantasy|
    The Blackbyrds|Flying Start|1974|Fantasy|
    The Blackwood Singers|At Their Best|1972|Heart Warming|
    The Blues Project|Projections|1967|Verve|
    The Butterfield Blues Band|Live|1970|Elektra|
    The Byrds|Ballad Of Easy Rider||Columbia|
    The Carpenters|A Kind Of Hush|1976|A&M|
    The Carpenters|Kind Of Hush|1976|A&M|
    The Counts - Motor City
    The Crusaders|Free As The Wind|1977|Blue Thumb|
    The Crykle/Nicole
    The Dells|Musical Menu||Cadet|
    The Doors|Full Circle|1972|Elektra|
    The Dynamic Corvettes FUNKY MUSIC IS THE THING
    The Edgar Winter Group|They Only Come Out At Night|1972|Epic|
    The Elvin Bishop Group|Feel It|1970|Fillmore|
    The Fame Gang - Grits and Gravy
    "The Fireballs - Get out of my life, woman"
    The Free Movement|I've Found Someone Of My Own|1972|Columbia|
    The Funnies|Smile||Pickwick|
    The Gaturs - Get Up
    The George Bussey Experience|Disco Exravaganza Phase|1978|Atlantic|
    The Grassroots YOU AND LOVE ARE THE SAME
    The Greyboy Allstars TENOR MAN
    The Guess Who|American Woman|1970|RCA|
    The Honey Drippers STREAKIN'!
    The Hunter & His Games HOW YOU GET HIGHER
    The Illusion|Together (As A Way Of Life)|1970|Steed|
    The Isley Brothers|Go For Your Guns|1977|T-neck|
    "The Ivor Raymond Orchestra/""its the real thing"""
    The J.B. Pickers: Super Soul Theme
    "The Jaggerz MEMOIRS OF THE TRAVELER , Original Album: We Went To Different Schools Together"
    The Jaggerz|We Went To Different Schools Together|1970|Kama Sutra|
    The Jazz Class|S/T||Orion|
    The John Payne Band|Bedtime Stories|1976|Arista|
    The Johnny Frigo Sextet|The Electric Jazz Of Gus Giordano||Orion|
    The Kinks|Low Budget|1979|Arista|
    "The Mad Lads - Get out of my life, woman"
    The Mahavishnu Orchestra|The Inner Mounting Flame|1971|Co lumbia|
    The Marketts - Dr. Death
    The Mustangs HOW FUNKY CAN YOU GET?
    The Nahal Variety Ensemble Group - Aharon Haviv
    The New Birth|Birth Day|1972|RCA|
    The Now Generation|Let It Be||Spar|
    "The Ohio Espress|Beg, Borrow & Steal|1968|Cameo|"
    The Ohio Players NEVER HAD A DREAM
    The Osmonds|Love Me For A Reason|1974|Kolob|
    The P.T.S. - Dragon Rock
    The Personations - Future
    "The Phoenix Authority|Blood, Sweat, & Brass||Mainstream|"
    The Pointer Sisters YES WE CAN CAN -Original Album: Pointer Sisters
    The Robin Jones Seven ATLAS -Comps: Lift Off! With Apollo Sound...
    The San Remo Golden Strings|S/T||Gordy|
    "The Showmen, Inc TRAMP PART 1, THE"
    The Silhouettes FONKY FIRST -Original Album: Conversations With The Silhouettes
    The Sons of Champlin GOLD MINE -Original Album: The Sons of Champlin
    The Sons of Champlin ROOFTOP -Original Album: Loosen Up Naturally
    "The Sons YOU CAN FLY -Original Album: Sons, The"
    The Soul Stoppers Band BOILIN' WATER
    The Sound Effects|Summer '72|1972|QMO|
    The Spirt of US - Get Together
    The Steve Miller Band|The Joker|1973|Capitol|
    The Street People|Put Your Hand In The Hand||Pickwick|
    The Sunglows - Happy Hippo
    The Tattoos|Hot Trumpets||Telefunken|
    The T-Bones|No Matter What Shape Your Stomachs In||Liberty|
    The Temptations|Solid Rock|1972|Motown|
    The Trammps|Slipping Out|1980|Atlantic|
    The U.S. Air Force Jazz Ensemble|On The Air|1976|AF|
    The Ventures|Wild Things||Dolton|
    The Vibrettes HUMPTY DUMP
    The Village Crusaders AKIWAWA
    The Vines - Sweet Pea
    Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
    Thin Lizzy|Johnny The Fox|1976|Mercury|
    Three Dog Night - I Can Hear You Calling
    Three Pieces SHORTNIN' BREAD
    Three Pieces/Short'nin' bread
    Thunder & Lightning - Bumpin Bus Stop
    Tide|Almost Live||Mouth|
    Time Machine SUPERSTITION
    Tina Turner/Pick me tonight
    Titanic/Titanic LP (4 beats)
    Tom Draper|Philadelphia||RCA|
    Tom Jans|The Eyes Of An Only Child|1975|Columbia|
    Tom Johnston|Everything You've Heard Is True|1979|Warner Bros.|
    Tom Jones - Looking Out My Window
    Tom Scott And The L.A. Express|S/T|1974|Ode|
    Tom Scott SNEAKIN' IN THE BACK -original Album: Tom Scott & The L.A. Express
    Tom Tom Club GENIUS OF LOVE
    Tommy Roe - Dizzy
    Tommy Roe - Stir it up and serve it
    Tommy Roe - Sweet Pea
    Tommy Roe/Hide daddys whiskey
    Tommy Roe|Dizzy|1969|ABC|
    Tommy Roe|Sweet Pea|1966|ABC|
    "Toni Tornado - Podes Crer, Amiz"
    Tony Avalon & The Belaires SEXY COFFEE POT
    Tony Joe White|Continued|1969|Monument|
    Tony Joe White|Tony Joe|1970|Monument|
    Tony Orlando & Dawn - Evil Ways
    Tony Orlando & Dawn - Love The One You're With
    Tony Orlando And Dawn|S/T|1971|Bell|
    Tower Of Power|Back To Oakland|1974|Warner Bros.|
    Triumph: What's Another Day of Rock 'N Roll
    Triumvirat|Illusions On A Double Dimple|1974|Harvest|
    Troggs - Rolling Stone
    Troggs - We Rode Through The Night
    Trouble Funk - Hey Fellas
    Turley Richards|Expressions|1971|Warner Bros|
    Turley Richards|Expressions|1971|Warner Bros|
    Turtles - Battle of the bands
    Turtles - I'm Chief Kamanawanalea
    Turtles - You Baby
    Tyrone Harris AIN'T THAT FUN
    UFO|No Place To Run|1980|Chrysalis|
    Uncle Louie I LIKE FUNKY MUSIC
    Up With People|Livin' On|1974|Up With People|
    Uriah Heep|Live|1973|Mercury|
    Uriah Heep|S/T|1970|Mercury|
    Vanilla Fudge - Break Song
    Vanilla Fudge - Shotgun
    Vanilla Fudge - The beat goes on
    Vanilla Fudge|Near The Beginning|1969|ATCO|
    Vanilla Fudge|The Beat Goes On|1968|ATCO|
    Various|A Sound Odyssey||Radio Shack|
    Various|Blue Note Live At The Roxy|1976|Blue Note|
    Various|Disco Par-r-r-r-ty||Spring|
    Various|Nonstop Diso Party Dance||GSLP|
    Various|People Got To Be Free||Fourmost|
    Various|Ruskin High School Golden Eagle Band|1971|Audio House|
    Various|San Francisco Sampler|1970|San Francisco|
    Various|Souled Out|1975|K-Tel|
    Various|Super Hits #1||Pickwick|
    Various|The Rock Version Of The Lords Prayer||Pickwick|
    Various|Up With People - 3||Pace|
    Ventures - Dizzy
    Ventures - Hawaii Five-O
    Ventures - Honky Tonk Woman
    Ventures - Honky Tonk Women
    Ventures - Plaquemines Parish
    Ventures - Sweet Pea
    Wade Marcus - New Era
    Wade Marcus - Spinning Wheel
    Wade Marcus|Metamorphosis|1976|Impulse|
    War|All Day Music|1971|United Artists|
    War|Deliver The Word|1973|Far Out|
    Warm Excursion FUNK I TUS
    wayne cochran- little bitty pretty one
    Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders - Game of Love
    We Five|You Were On My Mind||A&M|
    Weather Report|Mysterious Traveller|1974|Columbia|
    Weather Report|Tale Spinnin'|1975|Columbia|
    Webster Lewis|Touch My Love|1978|Epic|
    "West, Bruce, & Laing|Whatever Turns You On|1973|Windfall|"
    Whiteface|Live At The Agora|1979|Polygram|
    Wilbert Longmire|Champagne|1979|Tappan Zee|
    Wild Sugar - Bring It Here
    Wild Tchoupitoulas - Brother John
    Willis Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine
    Willis Jackson - Gator Whale
    Willis Jackson|The Way We Were|1975|Atlantic|
    Wishbone Ash|Locked In|1976|Atlantic|
    Woody Herman - Flying Easy
    Woody Herman|Heavy Exposure|1969|Cadet|
    Woody Herman|Woody & Friends|1981|Concord|
    Wynder K. Frog|Out Of The Frying Pan||United Artists|
    Yellow Sunshine YELLOW SUNSHINE -Original Album: Yellow Sunshine
    Young Holt Unlimited|Soulful Strut|1968|Brunswick|
    Young-Holt Unlimited - Wah Wah Man
    Z.Z. Hill I THINK I'D DO IT
    Zager & Evans - speed
    Zager & Evans|S/T||RCA|
    Zapp|S/T|1980|Warner Bros|
    Zbignibu Wegehaupt|Sake||Polish Jazz|

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