Emo girl bands

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Okay, so I dig on Le Tigre and Chicks on Speed. Recommend similar.


  • i had no idea Le Tigre was 'emo'

  • lambertlambert 1,166 Posts
    Cobra Killer.
    Highly enjoyable tape cut stuff right there.

  • DjArcadianDjArcadian 3,630 Posts
    i had no idea Le Tigre was 'emo'

    Same difference. What genre would Le Tigre fall into? Fuck it, I won't front. My latest girl is into this stuff and I kinda enjoy it. Recommendations welcomed!

  • lambertlambert 1,166 Posts
    uhm.. Ladytron, probably?

  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts
    Le Tigre is a clothing company, no?

  • DjArcadianDjArcadian 3,630 Posts
    uhm.. Ladytron, probably?

    Actually familiar with them but their stuff is hard to find on vinyl. Even on EBay.

  • BigSpliffBigSpliff 3,266 Posts
    I'm not sure what exactly you are after but if you dig rake thin hipster chicks with low slung guitars, you might like the 22s. Straight outta Park Slope.

  • mylatencymylatency 10,475 Posts
    Straight outta Park Slope.

    Hah hah?

  • I recommend these early 80's female bands that Le Tigre & Chicks on Speed borrow from:

    KLEENEX/LILIPUT-retrospective CD on Kill Rock Stars

    MALARIA-retrospective CD on ??? (import label--Chicks did a cover of one of their tunes)

    and perhaps the Slits/Raincoats/Prag Vec may appeal to you as well...

  • Not emo, but amazing.

  • slavinslavin 577 Posts
    Not emo, but amazing.

  • gravelheadwrapgravelheadwrap corn 948 Posts
    Not emo, but Im a little partial to Pretty Girls Make Graves

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts
    Sleater Kinney seems to fall into that same area although I kinda get annoyed by them.

    stick to them sweet voiced gals like Hope Sandoval, Mirah, and Camera Obscura

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    Not emo, but amazing.


  • CaMKIIaCaMKIIa 269 Posts
    erase errata might be worth checking out.

  • parsecparsec 5,087 Posts

    Cop this one. Its upbeat and fun like Le Tigre used to be. And get some Bikini Kill records if you don't already have em. And don't say the word emo ever again lol.

  • jleejlee 1,539 Posts
    Camera Obscura

    oh...and not to be fucked with

    Shannon Wright

    Albini knows the deal

  • Check out the all-girl band called Electrelane. They're pretty damn good. Their latest album, Axes, might be of interest to you. It's sort of avant-garde emo.

  • DJPrestigeDJPrestige 1,710 Posts
    miss tk and the revenge

  • bropsbrops 182 Posts
    Erase Errata is all you need.

  • bropsbrops 182 Posts
    For older stuff I see Liliput and Raincoats are already mentioned. Also check out this one:

    My copy isn't red and blye, though, but more yellow-ish I think. I don't have it in the front of me, as I'm home with my parents.

  • DubiousDubious 1,865 Posts
    Check out the all-girl band called Electrelane. They're pretty damn good. Their latest album, Axes, might be of interest to you. It's sort of avant-garde emo.

    yes thus us pretty good... not emo in the slightest considering there are no LYRICS

    its straight up minimalist kraut grooves

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    Not Emo but you can't really talk about girl guitar bands without mentioning

  • bull_oxbull_ox 5,056 Posts
    Emo is an utterly meaningless term nowadays... basically seems to apply to any sort of indie rock or mainstream pop/punk/rock/goth that its fans label as such...

    Stick with the old groups...

  • HamHam 872 Posts
    for some happy girlpop - the all girl summer fun band.
    the music really sounds like the name..
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