Who is IQC? (or do I need to wash my ears)?

YemskyYemsky 709 Posts
One of the first live broadcasts of a hip hop radio show in Europe might have been Afrika Bambaataa in 1983 on the Alan Bangs' Nighflight show on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) out of Cologne in Germany.

Bam had with him Mr. Biggs and another MC and possibly DJ. This third guy is supposedly called IQC unless I am mishearing this. He introduces himself right at the beginning of the recording and Alan Bangs thanks him at the very end of the broadcast. He also raps his name repeatedly (check for example from the 41:43 mark when he says he is from (or with?) the Funky 4 (he mentions Sha Rock) and the Zulu Nation. Then it gets really confusing when you listen from the 44:35 mark where Mr. Biggs repeatedly says IQC is on the wheels of steel. 
Does anyone know who this is?


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