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    Frank said:
    Oh and I'd avoid participating in anything that involves any form of psychedelics and uses the words "retreat", "healing" or "shaman". That shit isn't only bogus and gross but it's also potentially dangerous.

    oh yeah, fuck that.  but i will say i've never eaten shrooms by myself, and feel like it might not be super enjoyable as a purely solo experience for me.  i need to be with good friends - people i can trust.  so many wonderful memories along the way.


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    I’ll second shrooms as the psychedelic I would revisit. Compared to acid, they’re a more mellow trip and (maybe placebo effect here) feels more natural than the straight chemical hit from a tab.

    I took my first hit of LSD when I was 12 or 13. Things started off good: patterns on surfaces, movement trails and enhanced colours, after a while the visuals got so strong I was no longer aware of my surroundings. A friend asked how I was doing and told me a favourite Guns’n’Roses song of mine was playing. He looked like donkey Kong to me and when I tried to focus on the music - which I hadn’t even noticed was playing - it sounded like bagpipes through a flanger. I thought he was joking. Then my friends and the room I was in were eclipsed by colours and light, and I spent a few very intense hours going through the 2001: Space Odyssey worm-hole. Falling through space, and smashing through Mariokart Rainbow Road colour tiles. After a looong time doing this, my head cleared enough for me to see the room I was in, and my brother and friend were playing Super Nintendo, laughing away and having a good trip. I looked at the screen and asked them why they had street fighter 2 paused. They looked at me and said they were playing Mariokart!

    Surprisingly, I continued taking acid throughout my teens. At 16 yrs me and some school friends tripped Friday nights for almost an entire season of Ren & Stimpy - the space madness episode was a memorable one, but I handled these trips much better. We always went out once we came up. Being on the move, giving yourself new stimuli is a good way to avoid focussing on any internal thoughts for too long that, if you’re not in the right frame of mind, could lead to a bad trip. Being around nature was also much more fun than being stuck inside the restrictive right angles of a room. Another lesson we learnt: avoid socialising with sober people. Going to a bar on acid only makes you suspicious that somehow everyone around you can see/knows you’re tripping and innocent comments from them can seem to have strange subtexts... because the best part of tripping for me was doing it with friends and the philosophical discussions you’d have together, the empathy forged from sharing the same crazy experience.

    The last time I took acid I was around 20, and felt completely in control throughout. We hung out with other friends who were sober, broke into a shut-down school and played basketball in a dark gymnasium, and mellowed back into sobriety with a few spliffs. Since then I’ve not really felt the need or temptation to do it again. For one, you have to be prepared to strap yourself in for 8 hours or so. There’s no stopping the ride if you’re not enjoying where it’s taking you. But I feel like I’ve run the gamut of what trips can be like from insanely psychedelic to just a pleasant diversion, I’ve had all those conversations about interconnectedness and how things seem to hold so much significance you burst out laughing until you cry. Think I’d do shrooms again given the right conditions, or a nice hit of MDMA.

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    Mexican Calea is great just by itself but for me it served as a tool to direct my trips to a good degree. I never had a pad trip except when willingly focusing on dark stuff (which not once put me in real distress). Taken as a strong tea or smoked Calea induces lucid dreams that with a bit of practice can be fully controlled. You not only get to decide your actions and move around according to your own intentions but you can also introduce characters like friends or family, even talk to them etc. The best part is that you can wake yourself up when a sequence gets boring or you feel like it's over, make notes and then go back to sleep. Sounds like bullshit but that's exactly how it works for me. When grown under conditions different, particularly with less sun than at its natural habitat it's much less powerful and might not be pleasantly consumed in sufficient quantity. Around here Calea Ternifolia or Hoja de Dios has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Also has amti-microbal and anti-parastitical properties and works for all sorts of stomach issues.

  • hello fellow strutters, how have i missed you and the things we used to do on here back in the day. its crazy to come back to this place as a grown up.


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    Message board nostalgia is real. Welcome back. I like slowstrut better now than it used to be. People are nicer (myself included). Could be that I’m older, or it could be that now I realize how lucky I am that soulstrut is still here- a safe place away from social media that feels like home. 
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  • Hell yeah, I preach the gospel of forums when I can, it's really not been replaced by social media. It's kind of a relic of the internet when people thought it'd be this independent, anarchic utopian thing instead of consolidating into 5 Websites For All Your Needs, and the interaction is different in this format (and better if you ask me)

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    Hey everyone, this seems like the thread to be in. I used to be a semi regular here. I don't even remember how long ago. I was usually talking about Indian music and so-called Bollywood sounds. Probably the most fun I had was posting up pictures of gorgeous Indian ladies, that seemed to get the biggest reaction from the horny Strutter demographic, lol.

    I haven't been as busy making music as I did back then, but find myself getting back into it now. Been doing a lot of Youtube digging for old vinyl, it's an endless rabbit hole. Just today I spent a couple of hours listening to 60s/70s Italian movie soundtracks and library music.

    Glad to be back on here! - Kaushik

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    Hell yeah, I preach the gospel of forums when I can, it's really not been replaced by social media. It's kind of a relic of the internet when people thought it'd be this independent, anarchic utopian thing instead of consolidating into 5 Websites For All Your Needs, and the interaction is different in this format (and better if you ask me)

    Finding anything you saw more than five minutes ago on FB is a dire experience.  And the endless onslaught of unsolicited drivel is unacceptable.  I use it under a bs name and profile linked to a bs email address so the data they have for me is worth less than zero and I really avoid posting anything to feed their algorithm or add to my digital tattoo. 

    I use it because some friends and relatives are only reachable via fb and we need it as a federated authentication source for work projects so it has become a necessary evil, but it's more evil than necessary.

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