Does anyone know this brazilian beauty?

Does anyone know this brazilian song? Reminds me of Bebeto or Serginho Meriti... I do not find it :(


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,241 Posts
    it does sound like Bebeto, but I wouldn't know which album of his it came from

  • K_BLNK_BLN 51 Posts
    Thank you for your answer. I do not think it sounds exactly like Bebeto. I also know nearly all Bebeto records. I thought more of Serginho Meriti or Alvaro....

  • ppadilhappadilha 2,241 Posts
    random bump, but I just remembered this post because I was listening to Dhema and wonder if that's who you were looking for:


  • K_BLNK_BLN 51 Posts
    Great, that you remember this. I found the song in the meantime: ‘Dhema - Um Mundo De Paixão‘. Good hearing. Thank you!
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