Working DJ's, plaese to share remixes and edits

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Although I am only doing one or 2 gigs a week these days, I am still actively seeking out new remixes and so on to play to keep it interesting for myself and I am sure there would have to be other working dj's in here that are in the same boat. Please share any remixes (be they your own or others) that you are feeling!
some of the remixes I have been getting a lot of play from lately

Casual Connection, nearly everything this guy does is perfect, he has a way of taking a classic and making it his own without losing anything that made the track a classic in the first place, everything is also dj friendly and mixed/mastered very well. Everything from golden era hip hop like Big Daddy Kane to R&B and even radio hits

I was lucky enough to grow up on Cam's amazing dj sets, his seamless style of mixing has been hugely influential on me, and his 6 hour sets at Cargo showed me how a good dj can control the floor taking people on a journey. His edits are regularly (if not always) in my sets, below are a couple of my favorites.

please add on


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