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Hey there fellow Strutters,

in an attempt of shameless self promo I just wanted to let you guys know that over here in Brooklyn NYC - at humanheadnyc.com - we came up with the hashtag "#1sttimeondiscogs" to browse our discogs online store for tons of rare relases, label variants and other interesting pressings of all sorts and musical styles that are new to the discogs world. We currently have more than 350 titles available that we fed into the database...feel free to have a look here: http://tinyurl.com/z9w88tr


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    very nice records. Please tell the story how you ended up in New York, working in a record shop. Sounds like a dream come true. I would give a arm and leg for this, seriously.

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    It kind of is a dream come true, I asked for it but never knew it would go this way (the beauty of life I guess). I guess it's the oldest story in the world: I came to NYC 3 years ago on a week of holiday, met incredible people and finally fully realized that this city always had an incredible impact on my life and the things I do since I first came here in the mid 80's. I decided I wanted to live here. I managed to transition from Germany to the USA with all the good and bad hustle it involved. It worked out. I am now still djing regularly here, doing music consulting, still writing about music and artists from time to time and I am part of Human Head, one of the biggest discogs operations on the east coast and one of my favorite stores (even before I started working there). If NYC is for you, then it will welcome you with open arms (although the hands will slap you in the face at any given time). If you have a problem with adjusting your lifestyle, e.g. the $ rules everything around you even more, I suggest don't do it. But  even with all the negative things which are associated with this city, there is still room here to follow your dreams. You just have to share this room with 4 other people.

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    added a few 100 more titles, please have a look: https://www.discogs.com/seller/humanheadnyc/profile?q=#1sttimeondiscogs

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