2 records i got today for a $1

konseptkonsept 4 Posts
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I picked up: kashmere stage band-out of gas but still burning boz scaggs-middle manGot 'em both for a $1 each.good find?


  • Send me that boz scaggs... U can keep Kashmere. Nobody wants that shit.

    PM for address.



  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts
    haha funny


  • hcrinkhcrink 8,729 Posts
    You'll never find the lost city.

  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    didnt find today didnt look, heard the del jones for the first time though, real cool!

  • picked up the kashmere joint on a whim but that boz scaggs is ill.I also picked up Patto-s/t for $35 and i also got doubles of Larry Bright-solar visions for $65(for both).
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