A Recording from My Olden Days

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Here is a rather embarassing Hip Hop track from my High School years when I was trying to be a part of the militant hip hop scene, which had probably already expired by this point. It was really popular in my high school, and we had a following of about 4 people.

This was 1993 and I was 15.
Me and my friend Jay, who does verse 2, were trying to make a rap group for about 3 years. This was our first "real" record. We had a lot of people come in and out of our duo, and i wasn't even supposed to do the third verse.

Please enjoy this cut. Feel free to clown away, except for the second verse (my friends dedication to his little brother, who had passed away at a young age).

G-2A (the g2 assasins)- Reminisence
(I dare you to sample spot this bitch)

Some of my fav. funny lines:

-"...I rapped my mom into a daze..."
-"BRING THE TRACK BACK!!!" (so cliche)
-the typical hip hop intro (so necessary in 92-93)
-"we always give props to Pops" (Pops was my friends cousin who we were trying to recruit into the fold, hoping this shout out would further entice him. A year later he went to prison for shooting someone in the back)

2 years later we went on to make techno.


  • Ha cool man...
    Press it up now with early 90s styled graphics & accidently slip one under Ivory's door.
    Then make a mint on ebay.jp

    Same loop as used on "Proud when I make it" - Future Sound. (The Whole Shabang Vol 1)
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