SoulStrut is my kind of family...(SF BAY related)

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So, I finally met some real world cats from I rolled through with my long-time buddy jaybreezie and met peacefulrotation, DJ Ferrari, kidinquisitive, jinx74, DJ Om and a few others that were slanging records from a garage in SF. As soon as I come through the shit talking begins, like I've been kicking it with them for some time...certain records are "not a good look", chicks walking by with their dogs are aesthetically examined and evalutaed with razor-sharp precision, DJ Om can't start making sense to save his life, but it's all point is that beyond all this "virtual" talk and what not, there are some real good cats here...I'm hella glad I took the step beyond the "virtual" world and slapped fives with y'all in the!gNAT


  • cascas 1,484 Posts
    was sirsofthands king moisting there peddling records too and if so was he rocking his louis vuitton wallet? so rapperdappersnapper!!

  • GnatGnat 1,183 Posts
    met dude only briefly...King Most was chilling in the VIP room (aka warm confines of the house) so we didn't chop it up all that much...I'm sure he's quality though...
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