funk 45 mix from me

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edited April 2005 in Announcements Smith and the LoveLiters - Go For Yourself (pt.1)Buddy Guy - Buddy's GrooveEldridge Holmes - Pop, Popcorn ChildrenBobby Patterson - My Thing is Your ThingGene Anderson - The GigoloDee Edwards - Why Can't There be LoveHank Ballard - How You Gonna Get RespectGate Wesley - Do The BatmanAlfred Ellis - In The MiddleDyke and The Blazers - Let a Woman be a Woman - Let a Man be a ManSkip Easterling - I'm Your ManAndre Williams - Hard HustlingThe Mustangs - How Funky Can You GetDelores Ealy - Its About Time I Made a ChangeMary Jane Hooper - I've Got ReasonsThe Ikettes - Just Not Ready For LoveLittle Beaver - Funkadelic SoundFried Chicken - Funky DJLee Fields - HoneyDoveTimothy McNealy - Easy, Easy, Easyalso check out for more funk mixes


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    dope selection,thanks.


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    Yea, really good. This one and the Big One O - listened to them both a couple of times already today. Thanks.

  • bluewaterbluewater 145 Posts
    cheers on the feedback folks. keep listening and check the site for more updates.
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