What Sleeves Do You Use For Your Best Records?

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I revised this post to ask opinions and suggestions for sleeves you trust to protect and display your best/most expensive albums in. I have several mylar sleeves with the resealable flap, anyone else use those?

(mylatency, holler)

I only need a 25 or so to protect my "dime pieces"

Is Bags Unlimited the best way to go and if so, which ones - please be specific if you can.

Much appreciated!


  • Naw, this kind has more stiffness to them than poly sleeves. I'd still prefer the 6mil poly sleeves beause I don't like the flap thing. A little too... comic book guy for me.

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    if you so much as breathe on the seams they split... so be careful... that said they are really clear and the reseal is pretty cool.

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    [begin comic book guy collectibles preservation rant]

    I only use the 2.5 mil "acrylic/mylar-like" (read: very clear) poly bags. I use them for most of my records. These aren't the typical 3 mil cloudy joints. I buy them in bulk from www.sleevetown.com and don't mess with any others.

    Reasons why I like these bags:

    1. I can see the spines

    2. I can see the recs

    3. They don't collect as much dust/debris as the matte/cloudy ones

    4. About the same price as the 3 mil ones

    To me, owning records is a temporary thing (give or take 50 years in your posession). Owning sleeves is even more superficial, so I don't really care for the comic-book flap thingies. Those kinda bug me, but I keep 'em for the real nice joints if I find them or if they come with a record I bought. To each their own.

    Warning: these are NOT snug at all and you need to bag them with the lip upwards to file them on the shelf, otherwise they slip and slide.

    From the Sleevetown site:

    "Ultimate Record Sleeve Outer 2.5 - We've made the best outer record sleeve using a hybrid 2.5 mil polypro/polyester (Mylar) film and die-cut each sleeve to exactly 12.75 x 12.75 inches. An economical way to protect your LP jackets with crystal clarity using high-strength polypropylene and high-clarity polyester film. Our most popular outer record sleeve has been made even better and we guarantee you'll love them! Made in Taiwan by an audio accessory manufacturer exclusively for Sleeve City. Select the quantity to your right to add it to your shopping cart. You may always change the quantity or remove it later. Get a sample for only a penny!Polypropylene combines high clarity, heat resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance in a cost effective solution for record protection."

    [/end comic book guy collectibles preservation rant]
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