Artificial Lighting and Sleep (Health-related)

yuichiyuichi Urban sprawl 11,329 Posts
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I just installed F.Lux for my desktop Mac. Anybody use this shit?

I also got some overhead fluorescent lights which might need some swapping for some more "reddish" natural color?
Any recommendations? Home Depot?

Anybody else do shit in their homes to reduce Blue light and create a more calming setting before sleep?


  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts
    Amber light.

    Turn the electronics off.

  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    Flux is great, annoying you can't get it to work on iOS.

    It's not cheap but I have the Philips Hue system (I guess it's caled the same in the US). There are other versions available, it's basically wifi conected LED lights that you can control with a device connected to the same network. You can do all sorts of fancy things with them, but I mainly have mine set up to gradually get mellower though the evening.
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