lost recording from Maulawi "Orotunds

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Maulawi - Maulawi's Orotunds - "Orotunds" - FREE DOWNLOAD

180 Proof records has teamed up with Slice Of Spice to drop a completely re-mastered set of unreleased Maulawi records from the legendary Detroit label Strata Records. Recorded in 1974 from the unreleased 'Maulawi's Orotunds' album, this track is a part of a fully re-mastered 180 gram x2LP release, dropping later this year.

Enjoy this free download an stay tuned for more information on this incredible release:

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  • parallaxparallax no-style-having mf'er 1,266 Posts
    Sick! Proto drum n bass for the win.

    Will cop.

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts
    Will cop.

    I got money to drop, just let me know when and where I can get this

  • it will hopefully be for sale late fall or earlier winter...

    thx guys,

  • really cool vibe on this one. it's sort of kind of freak-beatish or moddish.

    anyhow, thanks for sharing this and all the great work you have been doing with this wonderful and fascinating label.

    sorry to go off topic a bit but is "fish feet" going to be put out at some point?

  • tokyobeatstokyobeats 505 Posts
    So sick! Need

  • any update on this one?

  • Hey,

    What up! So I am working on this now and trying to sort the artwork for the inner sleeve because after 6/7 months of research on Maulawi I was not able to find ANY photos of him at all. I spoke to over ten people some of which have played with him and even spoke to ahmad jamal. Ahmad was married to maulawi's sister back in the 40s...


  • more ideas:

    Ross Ellis 12

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,690 Posts
    I like the first one better, more classic, but the second one might catch people's eye more and make em be like "What the fuck is this?!"
    My 2c

  • First one for the cover, second one for the innersleeve.

    Great work on this stuff, btw, keep it up!

  • first one, second one is making me kinda dizzy...

    please tell us about your conversation with ahmad jamal, who for my money, is one of the last remaining jazz giants.

  • strataspherestratasphere Blastin' the Nasty 1,033 Posts
    Horseleech said:
    First one for the cover, second one for the innersleeve.

    Great work on this stuff, btw, keep it up!


  • leonleon 883 Posts
    stratasphere said:
    Horseleech said:
    First one for the cover, second one for the innersleeve.

    Great work on this stuff, btw, keep it up!



    I hope someone here or in your extended network is able to turn up some (last minute?) pictures for you!

  • marumaru 1,450 Posts
    First one. Feels like classic Strata.

  • first one is the look

  • thx everyone! so i am also doing this record in collabo with my man richard smith from slice of spice records who some of you may know from his incredible hip-hop releases. I should have clarified that the first one is for the front cover and the second one is the inner sleeve but I am glad everyone seems to be feeling it! Big ups to Mr. Krum straight outta of Brighton on this one!

    Anyway, my convo with Ahamd Jamal was def awkward at first. I called and spoke with his wife first. I had mentioned that Maulawi's sister was married to Ahmad Jamal and Ahmad's wife was like wtf?? Basically, like wtf was that??? I am HIS wife. Needless to say, I was like ooops my bad. However, called me later and was like I was married to his sister in the 40s waaay before I met my present wife. After that got cleared, the convo was brief but he mentioned that maulawi was well respected by many on the Chicago scene. In fact, he mentored many young and up and coming musicians like Adam Rudolph and some of the guys from A.C.C.M.
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